[Meteor 1.3] I cannot run my new project :(

I received this message after i run my project:

Assertion `s == buf’ failed at …/src/platform-linux.cc:59
Aborted (core dumped)

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Run sudo apt-get update and try again

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Thanks! That’s work!

Thanks for the tip, it was also happenning to me only when I was without Internet…it would be interesting to know why

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Exactly the same problem here.
I posted a thread about this a couple days ago, I get the exact same error ONLY when I run the meteor server while offline.

If you have any info I’d appreciate it if you helped me and if you don’t then hopefully we can both find out what’s going on.


doing sudo apt-get update worked for me. I didn’t have the issue since then so didn’t take time to look for the root cause sorry :frowning:

what will be command for Cent os 6.7
This command does not work in cent os