Meteor 1.6 beta is bleeding edge in 2017


Thanks for the incredible work of @benjamn, @abernix and the rest of the MDG team along with the many great community contributors such @hwillson, @klaussner among others, Meteor 1.6 beta is really awesome, check out Benjamn’s post :

  • Node 8.4.0 with Ignition and TurboFan
  • Fewer Babel plugins on the server
  • Native debugging
  • HTTP/2 (planned)
  • NPM 5
  • Mongo 3.4.5 (planned)
  • Lazy modules without imports directories
  • Dynamic imports
  • Server Side Rendering

And the most impressive of all, in my opinion, that it’s still backward compatible. You just execute meteor update --release 1.6-beta.26 (after committing your meteor folder) and you’ve the best of what the node ecosystem has to offer! I think that’s incredible engineering specially when you’re in the fastest evolving software ecosystem, I don’t think MDG is getting enough credit for that.

There are always issues and room for improvements but I think it’s worth taking a moment to acknowledge the real progress and show some gratitude and support to the team.


Meteor 1.6 is Christmas come early. I can hardly contain my excitement!

As if it wasn’t bleeding edge already at 1.5


I almost wish MDG release a fork of CRA with all the goodies - Reify, automatic SSR etc.


The lazy and dynamic way sounds great. I hope it would be helpful for speed or stuck on problems.


It did speed up my app from 5-6 seconds load to under 2 seconds. I also saw much faster response times with node 8.


I hope it does get released before Christmas.


@tab00 you can start using it now and report any issues you encounter, it’s on beta 26. The more people test it the more stable it gets and the faster it’ll get released. We’ve been using it in production after seeing the performance improvements.


It’s Christmas already! Thanks to @abernix, @benjamn and other contributors for making this roar!


I don’t want to downplay the importance of @hwillson in any way, but it’s worth pointing out that he is a dedicated member of the community and (unlike @benjamn and myself) does not work for MDG.

We are a small team and we would not be at this stage without the tireless work and constructive conversation from, you, the community in 2017. As I’m sure many of you are aware and see reflected in other open-source projects: the voices of those that use open-source tools are invaluable in promoting and helping the project move forward. Many projects thrive on little more than a positive, welcoming, helpful community. Likewise, many fail because of negativity and exclusion.

So, thank you! And a special thanks to those who are playing an active role in bettering Meteor and the community around it. Whether it’s a review on a pull request, a stack trace or reproduction for a hard to find bug, a Tweet about something that made your development life easier, testing the latest beta/feature, or constructive criticism, it’s all valuable. :heart:

If anyone wants to know how they can help contribute, thinks they can’t contribute or, worst of all, that their contributions aren’t welcome, please do not hesitate to contact me.

(And yes, we intend to release Meteor 1.6 long before Christmas.)


I tried up upgrade to 1.6 but the update failed with a lot of errors. Tried beta25 but that failed too. I will copy paste errors later but this is on Ubuntu 16, I did a fresh clone of out project, installed node 8 via nvm, and did the upgrade. The project currently is on 1.5.2.


oh darn, I think it’ll be helpful if you file the issue on github meteor issues since 1.6 is still in beta. Also, I think it’s better to keep the conversation focused on the bigger picture here.

It’s good we’re trying it early, I personally had no errors when I updated aside from a small issue with force-ssl package which got resolved, but the more people try it and report issues, the smoother it’d be for the majority when it gets officially released :slight_smile:


Thanks again for the great work @abernix. @hwillson was triaging a lot of issues as well so I thought he was part of MDG, I made the correction on the post :slight_smile:

Let us continue making Meteor the technology and the community better.


Meteor works quite well as exactly this!

Note that CRA doesn’t have a server so can’t really do SSR without a major re-architect.


Somewhat related, for those who want to take the plunge!:


Also a huge thank you from me to the MDG staff, the very important contributors and everyone else in the community.
Meteor is driving my second startup project since the beginning and I still couldn’t be happier about choosing Meteor yet again for one of my projects - keep on doing what you are doing people! :heart:


Really excited about this!! Can’t wait to migrate from 1.5. We are developing a new app which is about to be released within few months and this is the perfect time to go for 1.6 xD

Truly thankful to everyone who is contributing to Meteor ^^


can someone teach me how to use these two new features? =)


Jesus, MDG, you’re really picking up speed lately. I’m always seeing people complain about the current state of Meteor and how it’s not up to par. A few days ago there was a post about how many packages didn’t receive Updates since 2016 and more bull**** like that.

Wenn I think now at the latest, people should have understood, that Meteor is in no way inactive or outdated. Even more: Meteor has been and still is the single most time saving thing in my workflow (followed by Polymer, please make integration easier :stuck_out_tongue: )

Keep going boys, we expect nothing but the best, as always :slight_smile:

I :heart: Meteor
… think I need a T-Shirt


Oh, yay! I was recently praying for server side rendering. It seems His Noodly Appendage is looking out for me.


That is impressive, thanks for your efforts to make us (the users) even more proud!
One thing still not easy. PWA. I already figured out how to do a PWA using any front side framework like Angular with Meteor backend using meteor-client-bundler. I just need to make it easier and more standard to Meteor. And please, don’t wait Apple to support it, it mostly will never happen because they are mostly very upset of the existence of the technology, but they are on the losing side in my opinion. PWAs will return the data to be owned by the creators served to the public by a search engine, not hidden inside mobile apps controlled by a single company! Disgusting!