Meteor 1.6 install NodeJs 8.8.1

Hi I wanted to deploy my (smoothly) upgraded App to my server. I am not using docker or mup because of several constraints but a manual installation of NodeJS and Nginx.

My local Meteor version shows 8.8.1 so I wanted to install this one via

curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodes

which installed node 8.9.0

My question is how to get 8.8.1 installed without tons of scripts, .conf files editing and so on.

It seems the easiest solution is to run it with 8.9.0. The difference between versions is small enough that there should be no problems?

Otherwise, there’s tools like nvm and such, but there’s a bunch of stuffing around involved

It runs with 8.9.0 but I am still making tests on staging level, you never know what will happen…

Regarding nvm - I’d like to avoid it

I installed 8.8.1 using n:

n 8.8.1

and it all worked.

You need to install n first with:

npm install n
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You can direct install from a specific deb


My server runs on Ubuntu, so n doesn’t work for me. I have a manual install without docker or mup, using nginx and Phusion Passenger.

I used nvm to install 8.8.1 and then created a symlink at /usr/bin/node to point at /home/customuser/.nvm/versions/node/v8.8.1/bin/node