Meteor 2.15 galaxy issue

v03682024-04-09 21:12:10-03:00+ ‘[’ 14.21.4 == 8.11.1 ‘]’

v03682024-04-09 21:12:10-03:00+ [[ 14.21.4 =~ -rc.[0-9]+$ ]]

v03682024-04-09 21:12:10-03:00+ NODE_URL=

v03682024-04-09 21:12:10-03:00+ tar -xz -C /

v03682024-04-09 21:12:10-03:00+ curl -sSL

v03682024-04-09 21:12:10-03:00

v03682024-04-09 21:12:10-03:00gzip: stdin: not in gzip format

v03682024-04-09 21:12:10-03:00tar: Child returned status 1

v03682024-04-09 21:12:10-03:00tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

v03682024-04-09 21:12:14-03:00Removing intermediate container 57e44bbfc830

The build runs locally but fails on galaxy, anyone have any insight?

Hello, how are you?

I checked that you use the custom base image in your settings, you could change to the base image with the August/2023 date tag instead of the latest

You can use our new puppeteer image with the following tags:

"baseImage": {
  "repository": "meteor/galaxy-puppeteer",
  "tag": "202308171810"

We responded to the ticket you opened too!

Best Regards,

Philippe Oliveira

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