Meteor 3.0-beta.4 is out!

Hello, guys. We have great news: Meteor.js v3.0-beta.4 is out! and it comes with the following updates:

New Features:

  • ARM Support: You can run Meteor 3.0 on Raspberry Pi, AWS Graviton, and all ARM-based Linux machines, creating new opportunities for Meteor projects.
  • MongoDB 7 (Ported from 2.15);

Bug fixes:

Known bugs:

Recently created react projects come with a bug regarding react-meteor-data. To solve it: meteor remove react-meteor-data and then meteor add react-meteor-data@3.0.0-beta300.1


  • v2.8.0 is out! with added support for Promises in #if and #each
  • The full changelog is here.

How to test it?

Existing projects:

meteor update --release 3.0-beta.4

Starting a project:

meteor create app-name --release 3.0-beta.4

If anyone finds any issues, please let us know! Your feedback is essential to us.


Just updated my app to beta 4. I’m doing some testing, so far, so good.



Info.jsx:6 Uncaught TypeError: useSubscribe is not a function
at Info (Info.jsx:6:21)
at renderWithHooks (modules.js?hash=b68a664cc599a1d72d05604be48298efc962a75c:20917:18)
at mountIndeterminateComponent (modules.js?hash=b68a664cc599a1d72d05604be48298efc962a75c:24686:13)
at beginWork (modules.js?hash=b68a664cc599a1d72d05604be48298efc962a75c:26199:16)
at HTMLUnknownElement.callCallback (modules.js?hash=b68a664cc599a1d72d05604be48298efc962a75c:8776:14)
at Object.invokeGuardedCallbackDev (modules.js?hash=b68a664cc599a1d72d05604be48298efc962a75c:8825:16)
at invokeGuardedCallback (modules.js?hash=b68a664cc599a1d72d05604be48298efc962a75c:8889:31)
at beginWork$1 (modules.js?hash=b68a664cc599a1d72d05604be48298efc962a75c:32063:7)
at performUnitOfWork (modules.js?hash=b68a664cc599a1d72d05604be48298efc962a75c:31169:12)

no useSubscribe export, what is wrong?

Have you tried this? if yes, could you mind sharing a repo/how to reproduce your error?


Native compatibility with the Raspberry Pi opens up a wide range of new possibilities, thanks for that !

In case anyone encounters the same issue : on a Mac development machine, I had to erase the .meteor/local directory prior to upgrading a project from beta 0 to beta 4. Otherwise, Meteor kept complaining about TypeScript version.


it works great.

meteor create app-name --release 3.0-beta.4
meteor remove react-meteor-data
meteor add react-meteor-data@3.0.0-beta300.1

When trying “meteor update --release 3.0-beta.4”, getting:

throw error;

Error: Could not get; server returned [403]
at Object.getUrlWithResuming (/tools/utils/http-helpers.js:502:13)
at /tools/packaging/tropohouse.js:480:34