Meteor 3.0-rc.4 is out!

We have a new release: meteor 3.0-rc.4

Yes, that’s right RC 4! We were in the process of releasing RC 3 but we noticed a severe memory leak which would cause apps to crash after a few HMR refreshes:

Whatever you do, never accidentally bump LRUCache limits by a few orders of magnitude. :smile:

Huge thanks to @storyteller for reporting it to us. :hugs:

And the show must go on!

Hello everyone! Here we have one more update for Meteor 3! :tada: :rocket:


  • The command meteor reset now requires --db option to reset the database [PR]
  • Upgrade Blaze to 3.0.0-rc300.2 [Post]


  • Fix Top Level Await not detecting all top level declarations [PR ]
  • Fix WebApp.addRuntimeConfigHook [PR ]
  • Fix MultiFileCachingCompiler does not set up its internal LRU cache correctly [PR ]
  • Fix AllowDeny async compatibility [PR]

How to test it?

Installing Meteor

npx meteor@rc

Existing projects:

meteor update --release 3.0-rc.4

Starting a project:

meteor create app-name --release 3.0-rc.4

Your help testing this version by creating a new app or migrating your current one will be extremely helpful!

Please give us your feedback, and if you find any issues, you can create a post here or open an issue on GitHub .


Migrated from 3.0-rc.2 to 3.0-rc.4 without any issues… worked like a charm!


Same here, also migrated from 3.0-rc.2 to 3.0-rc.4 and no issues observed so far, in testing. Migration was seamless.


In addition to that the following Meteor Community Packages were updated to support RC.4

package version
meteortesting:mocha 3.1.0-rc.1
meteortesting:mocha-core 8.3.1-rc300.1
meteortesting:browser-tests 1.6.0-rc300.1
lai:collection-extensions 1.0.0-rc300.1
dburles:mongo-collection-instances 1.0.0-rc300.1
tmeasday:check-npm-versions 2.0.0-rc300.0
aldeed:simple-schema 2.0.0-rc300.1
aldeed:collection2 4.0.2
aldeed:autoform 8.0.0-rc.2
aldeed:tabular 3.0.0-rc.0
communitypackages:autoform-bootstrap3 2.0.0-rc.1
communitypackages:autoform-bootstrap4 2.0.0-rc.1
communitypackages:autoform-bootstrap5 2.0.0-rc.1
communitypackages:autoform-plain 2.0.0-rc.1

Starting to look good. I got almost to the point where I can actually update my production apps to V3. Only two packages with Version Conflicts are mizzao:user-status and mavin:sjobs (and then I will probably run into trouble with activitree:push, but since I have been taking apart and putting back together my mobile-app and have not put it back in again, It’s not blocking atm). The last few issues I had with Meteor itself don’t block the update anymore. I hope I can actually test run my apps pretty soon.


I have a PR for msavin:sjobs based on @harry97 ones, I will try to get it up soon.


You will not get in troubles with this one. Let me know if you do.

Did Assets go away? It looks like Assets got removed from the API? Assets is undefined.

Nevermind, I updated from r1 to r4 and didnt see the memo on r2 that the function names changed.

Yes, they are now async and named in async, so for example: Assets.getTextAsync

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I just gave the latest release candidate a try, starting from scratch. Is React now the default front-end user interface???

React is currently the default