New version for Blaze 3 released!

Hello, everyone; we just released a new version of Blaze for version 3.

Now Blaze 3.0.0-rc300.2 is out! :comet: :tada:

This new version has all the changes from Blaze 2.9.

We updated all the package versions to the latest ones released for Meteor 3.

Besides the new Blaze version, here are the new versions of the packages that are used by Blaze:

  • blaze-hot: 2.0.0-rc300.2
  • templating-compiler: 2.0.0-rc300.2
  • blaze-tools: 2.0.0-rc300.2
  • htmljs: 2.0.0-rc300.2
  • blaze-html-templates: 3.0.0-rc300.2
  • caching-html-compiler: 2.0.0-rc300.2
  • templating-runtime: 2.0.0-rc300.2
  • ui: 2.0.0-rc300.2
  • spacebars-tests: 2.0.0-rc300.2
  • spacebars-compiler: 2.0.0-rc300.2
  • templating-tools: 2.0.0-rc300.2
  • spacebars: 2.0.0-rc300.2
  • observe-sequence: 2.0.0-rc300.2
  • templating: 1.4.4-rc300.2
  • html-tools: 2.0.0-rc300.2

We also fixed the tests in the CI by updating the test app to Meteor 3.


Iā€™m going to apply the new changes to my project and let you know.

We have updated to this new Blaze version and this is working well (an update to alanning:roles@4.0.0-alpha.4 was needed as mentioned here : [SOLVED] Changelog for alanning:roles 4.0.0-alpha.3 - #6 by dokithonon

Thanks a lot