Meteor Admin, server stress, and


I have a server that is getting slammed on This is a good thing (our throughput is up from last year)! However, the admin (yogiben:admin) is causing a great deal of stress on the server (it balloons the memory usage), and I wonder whether we can actually host that on, and connect that to the live database from there to avoid taxing the live server. The admin isn’t used that often, and when it is, is only used by one person.

So two questions. Does that make sense (would it help)? And, is there a way to set the MONGO_URL on deployed apps?

Another idea I had for the admin would be to run it locally for Admins (as in the full local meteor server, connecting to the Mongo set remotely), but I’m not sure how I’d package something like that up.


Kevin N.

You definitely can do that.

In fact, @joshowens has written a blog post covering exactly that!

Check it out at


He’s using MUP for his admin. Is there a way to set MONGO_URL when using meteor deploy *

Stop using Seriously, just use mup + DO, free hosting isn’t built for production and you can’t get a galaxy dev account yet.

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I appreciate the perspective, but I’d still like to know the answer to the question of whether it’s possible.

If only one person is ever using it at a time (and sparingly) why not just run it locally and set the MONGO_URL to the production database? Or just make a new app on modulus to run it? Don’t be cheap. * isn’t meant for production apps and MDG is right to restrict that functionality.