Meteor and OpenBSD



Is there plan to support OpenBSD?



Hi, not sure if you are still interest in but there are some new (unofficial) activities about meteor on OpenBSD.

Have a look here and checkt it out:



Thank a lot. This is very interesting.


Here is a link to our working issue about OpenBSD fork activities if you are interested


As far as I understood, the minimal necessary version of node is 0.10.40.

  • In last official release OpenBSD (5.8, at october 18) there is node 0.10.35
  • In current snapshot OpenBSD (november 9) there is node 4.2.1

So, we ought to use only snapshot version OS (it is not good for production) or to wait release 5.9 (2016 may 1).

I would just as soon try meteor on OpenBSD snapshot.


Hi, the correct node version is embedded to the dev_bundle. No need to worry, I have already get it run.


Hi @anabar here you are - ready to go on OpenBSD