Meteor, Autoform, Autocomplete

I’m working on a form using autoform and I need the autocomplete option in some fields.
I used mpowaga:autoform-autocomplete package but it doesn’t seem to work…
I tried with mizzao:autocomplete it works perfectly but I have to give up on autoform if so :confused:
Does anyone have a solution to propose?
PS: the field should be completed from a database.

Check this out:

It has section referring to alternative autocomplete input types.

Hi, if it helps, I created a simple example of using mpowaga:autoform-autocomplete here.

Thanks for the snippet :slight_smile:

In my schema, I’m using properties that aren’t strings.

For instance in the snippet, I would change the type of the matches property of the rounds schema:

  type: [String],

With this change, autocompletion doesn’t work anymore :confused:

How would I go about tweaking this snippet if the type of matches is [String]?

In my use case, I need to allow for the possibility that type: [String] for the matches property.

FWIW I’ve tweaked @zenev’s snippet to allow for this:

Seems to work for me…

Nothing here works :frowning:

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