Meteor + Bluetooth

Have any of you had previous experience with bluetooth communication in Meteor? I’ve already had a look at but none of those seems promising.

Any thoughts?

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Bumping here, as seems this is an obscure subject these days. Similar approaches are welcome: NFC, IR, any kind of wireless communication… Any luck?

Hi! I Actually do have experience with NFC. We need to read CC PAN information so I have used this fork of Chariotsoulions NFC plugin. It works flawlessly.

@rafael did you find any resources on this? I see that Cordova has a plugin that allows for Bluetooth integration, and since Meteor is built on top of Cordova, you should be able to add it in using this method described in the Meteor forums.

Glad you posted about this. I’m about to start a project with Bluetooth and was doing research when I came across this. Would be great to hear from someone who has actually tied it.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueler?