Meteor Cloud / Galaxy & prerender SEO


Just seeking a little clarification please (or a point at the right documentation). I have added mdg:seo to one of my apps, which is a small gift shop web site.

My understanding is, my galaxy account will pretender the site and galaxy will server the pre-rendered pages to googlebot based on the ‘agent’ settings it comes with.

I can test this by changing the agent settings in chrome and I see html only pages loading when viewing inspect source. As I click links on the pages the pages load but a bit slowly!

How does the pretender do the whole site?

Does it follow all the links through every page before hand or does it only render and cache pages when requested (by googlebot or human with agent set as google bot)?

Will goole penalise my site because the pre-render pages are slow to load ?

Other than these questions - It is a excellent feature of galaxy to be able to create SEO friendly site just be adding a package :smile: