*.meteor.com (free tier) appears to now to be completely down

You just don’t understand.

The Meteor is rotating much slower than Earth. So 1 day on Earth is aproximately 1 hour on the Meteor.


You forgot to account for time dilation on the fast moving Meteor, the perceived time on Earth was closer to a week. :wink:


So the meteor free tier is up again. However…

  • As a subscriber of status updates, I did not receive a notice until after the outage was resolved.
  • Looking at status.meteor.com, as of this morning, it still lists the free tier as having partially degraded service.

It would be great if notices about downtime could be sent out when they happen, not afterwards. That could have, for example, avoided the need for this and other similar threads.

It would also be great if more detail could be provided on the status site.


In other words, perhaps all the recent & continued problems w/the free tier is a back-handed marketing ploy to push people into the outrageously expensive Galaxy platform? Might just kill off the stream of newcomers.

Sad to see that this is the only public response we’re getting in both threads by MDG. Good coding is one, good marketing & branding is another skill.

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Unfortunately something is wrong with the free tier again. Looks like a duplicate IP address?

[Thu Mar 03 2016 15:26:31 GMT+0000 (UTC)] WARNING events.js:72
throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event
[Thu Mar 03 2016 15:26:31 GMT+0000 (UTC)] WARNING Error: listen EADDRINUSE
at errnoException (net.js:905:11)
at Server._listen2 (net.js:1043:14)
at listen (net.js:1065:10)
at net.js:1147:9
at dns.js:72:18
at process._tickCallback (node.js:448:13)
[Thu Mar 03 2016 15:26:34 GMT+0000 (UTC)] ERROR Application crashed with code: 8

Galaxy developer edition is very reasonably priced, a 512mb instance should only cost you $13/month and you can hook up to a free mongo instance.

I highly doubt this outage by meteor is intentional and a marketing stunt.

Having said that, I’ll be moving off their ‘free’ offering permanently because the last couple of days have demonstrated just how much **** is given. None.
There is no communication, there is no ETAs and they try to cover up their downtime (Meteor saying they were down for an hour, my project wasn’t working for 3 days and counting).

‘Look at us, all other paid offerings are great, free is … degraded… sorry if you’re on free… cheapo’. Makes me feel like a second class citizen developing with Meteor.


A monthly cost of 512mb instance in Eastern European cloud services is around $2.

Might be (not an expert on this) but it’s for sure not coming with a single line deployment that we get with Modulus, Compose or Galaxy, right?

That’s the biggest hurdle for me, surely there are cheaper options out there but I’m willing to pay someone to take care of basically everything and ensure my apps are running well all the time and in case something goes wrong, I don’t need to hunt at SO/Google for solutions and learn Unix or similar stuff.

That might be cheap if you have one app… or if you are making money making Meteor apps and charging people monthly fees… but if neither of those things apply… spendy.

Meteor app instances are expensive, any way you look at it… Apache threads… those are cheap.

I am officially only having trouble with apps deployed to a custom domain, hosted on meteor.com.

Logs from the deployed app on custom domain indicate that it is running… just not being served.


Changed the IP of my A records from to and everything is working again!

Now I can return to hiding my sadness and frustrations /behind/ Meteor instead of being sad and frustrated /at/ Meteor. lol

I’m jumping the gun a bit saying this, but we are literally days from wrapping up some major work on Galaxy that will make it possible to offer our production-quality hosting to everyone. We’ve been trying hard to keep our focus on that work, so much so that we dropped the ball on posting updates here about the legacy servers.

If I can ask, please just hang tight over the w/e while we get some last details sorted. It’s going to be a big improvement!

(Glasser wrote a forum post a few months back with more color on what goes into running O(100k) apps. Worth the read.)


Awesome! Next up please: Partnership programs for some free tier for startups at an accredited accelerator :smiley: .


I knew I’d read that the issue was around the number of small databases somewhere! @a4xrbj1 this was what I was trying to refer to in the other thread.

Is the free tier ever going to be back up and running? The status doesn’t seem to change on status.meteor.com, and there are no incident reports.

@sscaff1 see the quote above - they are asking for a little bit more patience