*.meteor.com (free tier) appears to now to be completely down

Access to my personal apps hosted on *.meteor.com has been spotty the last day or so. However, for the last several hours I have not been able to access them at all. (More specifically, I get a message that the app is loading, but the app never actually loads.) Am I the only one experiencing this?

According to http://status.meteor.com/ *.meteor.com apps have “partially degraded service” and no incidents are reported.

If this is a more widespread issue, it would be great if MDG could provide an update on what is happening. (And maybe also provide more detailed information on the status site.)


Only the free tier is impacted though, just to clarify.

Good point - clarified in the title

It may be the free tier, but this is a huge issue that should be addressed. A few minutes here and there is one thing but it seems to have been down for almost a whole day. We may not be paying customers, but we could be



I guess I have to assume that this is not a widespread issue, since I have not seen any postings about this by MDG.

However, if this really is a widespread issue, then I find it troubling that nothing has been posted on the status site or here on the forums re. the recent down time.

Experiencing same problems… even http://status.meteor.com shows there are problems. It’s impossible that they don’t know.

+1 for more than a week now


nice marketing of galaxy

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I am having the same issue with all my sites

Yeah, there was a couple of other threads on this, very frustrating testing stuff and comes at a bad time for me trying to showcase my demos. Has been for the last 24hrs at least…

Everyone just sees a big Meteor sign and perpetual countdown if they hit the site at all… :frowning:

I was going to get the developer edition but then it doesn’t come with it’s own mongodb so i’d have to put more time into it… I need to move off free tier tonight, really unhappy with the whole thing atm.

@sashko is there any ETA how long this will go on for?


Facing the same issue.

Comes at a really bad time for me, because we needed to demo it.

Also, can’t access many examples (autoform.meteor.com, e.g.) that I really need to look at (I’m a beginner)

If you are not aware yet, you can host your app and database for just 9 bucks per month at NodeChef…That’s cheap guys…

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this makes me so sad :frowning: I have just recently picked up meteor and I am LOVING IT. I am waving good bye to rails and never looking back. Hopefully the free tiers are back soon. Thanks for the awesome product <3

It’s not about the money, I just want to do deploy <app>.
Up to now, I could, now I can’t so I’ll bite the bullet and go with heroku, chef or dev edition, whichever’s the quickest to setup.

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Same issue here. Major hastle here. I rely on this big league to make remote work possible.

Can we get a reply from MDG on this topic? What’s the ETA on a resolution? I rely on the free tier to get demos up and running for clients quickly so that I can get feedback and make updates/improvements. For me, the free meteor hosting tier is one thing that makes Meteor so good.

Looks like it’s up now, but slow. http://status.meteor.com finally says something:

_ "We had a ~1 hour outage in the free tier today due to problems with the Database layer. These issues have now been resolved. "_

An hour? Was not it all day, with some glitching as early as last night?

Just my luck: first time sent a link to Meteor hosting to a prospective customer, and it went down for a day. Bad sale.

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I feel like if your sales outcomes depend on an app being up, then it’s a better idea to run it on a production hosting platform like Galaxy.


If only you offered Mongo with Galaxy. I’ve used Mongolabs with Galaxy successfully once, but nothing beats complete deployment with a one-line command.


In the 20/20 hindsight, yes, but I’ve never seen this happen before, and the downtime logs apparently don’t tell the whole story?

What’s the uptime for Galaxy? for meteor.com?