Meteor Community Newsletter

So a while back there was a community survey and as one of many result was a creation of Community Newsletter. I posted a link to it around, but it came to my attention recently that it was unclear how to join and the form on the website is not reliable. So here is a link to a standalone site to subscribe:

This newsletter is primarily managed by me, but it is put together by a group from Meteor Community Packages.
This is an occasional newsletter that comes only when there is something important to talk about. Our first was when Tiny acquired Meteor and then two next one are planned for releases of Meteor 1.8.2 and 1.9. It includes the main message, then summary of important announcements from Meteor, Meteor Community Packages (most often summary of recent releases of packages or podcasts, etc.) followed by selection of threads from the forums, interesting articles or something else that people should pay attention to.

If you have any suggestions feel free to send them my way. If you want to get involve in creating the newsletter, then you can join a channel on the community Slack or you can just contact me directly.

Many thanks to @robfallows for final grammar check on our first newsletter on the night of acquisition.


Great job :wink:

Looking forward for the next edition.

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Wait for Meteor 1.8.2 release :rocket: or another FTW! Everyone needs to know this! news. :rofl:

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