Meteor Community Survey 2020 πŸ—³

I would like to invite you to participate in this year’s Meteor Community Survey!
Last year it helped to direct the newly created Meteor Community Packages group, so hopefully this time we will see something good happening as well:

As last time the results will be available in a month or two. Spread the word!


Thanks for putting this together!


Thanks you @storyteller!! :rocket:

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67 responses so far! Looking good, but please spread the survey!
@filipenevola Would it be possible to pin this post for the time being?

Nice work, @storyteller!

The Meteor community gets more active with every day (it never fails to amaze me with its resilience and enthusiasm!). I would really like if there was a way to contribute donations. Our company would like to contribute in kind, but we are tiny (not that Tiny, hehe!) so would prefer to help in other ways while we’re growing.

The newsletter, the community packages, pull requests, documentation updates (not perfect, some may argue, but it’s there and it’s good) - all that is great work and we benefit from it.

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Over 100 responses! Keep it coming!

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Just forgot to add something that I like to see in future surveys:

which CI tools do you use

This question could be interesting because it is not trivial to setup and maintain a CI with Meteor and packages (especially topics like caching binaries and packages, run npm scripts vs meteor commands etc.)


Sounds good! What would be the suggested answers. I can think of two of the top of my head:

  • CircleCI
  • Jenkins

I would like to put the future surveys into some system like State of JS or as a part of some sort of community website that would connect all the pieces together.

Gitlab Runner

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Im curious how many people are using AngularJS/Angular with Meteor

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This survey can answer that

Right now in the survey that is 4 people.

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GitHub Workflows
Bitbucket Pipelines

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Bumping this as I plan to close this soon after release of Meteor 1.10.3:

So far there has been more than 100 more responses compare to last year.