Meteor conference 2020

Update: Official announcement:

Conference site:

Lot of talk about this, it is time to take action and make this happen!

At this point I have secured an online venue so now we need everything else. :laughing:

First things first though. This is going to happen during Hacktoberfest and hopefully we can get a hackathon together at the same time with @filipenevola blessings and help. For specific date, I was thinking of the week of 18~24 October, which should give us plenty of time to prepare and then still have a week afterwards to finish and merge any PRs. The question I have is which day(s) of the week would be best for you. Given the timezone differences I’m thinking we will go over 2 days which would also allow us the possibility for prizes from hackathon. So please tell me which days would be fine for you to attend:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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Also I would like to use this opportunity to call upon anyone who would like to get involved to contact me. I’m looking for people to give talks, do showcases (packages, apps, companies) or do anything else awesome.
I’m also looking for people who would be interested in lending a helping hand with organizing the behind the scenes work or contributing with their skills. This could be things like moderating a panel session, monitoring hackathon contests, doing graphics, video editing (would be amazing to have some sort of a unified look on pre-recorded videos) and more.

Finally the last thing we can talk about here is the name for this conference. For right now I’m calling it Meteor Observatory 2020 (Update: Meteor Impact 2020), but I’m up for any better suggestions.


It’s a great name, albeit maybe a bit shy. What about this one:

Meteor Awesomeness Festival 2020

…for an even more positive vibe.


I’m trying to keep up to the space theme.

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Oh stupid me! Until this moment I completely ignored the fact that the name Meteor actually means something, beyond being just a label :star_struck:

In this case, the (actual) meteor shower Orionids partly coincides with the planned event, being on 21-22 October.


That is cool, but I would like something that can be used year after year.


I could possibly do something online on 14th, as it is also the day where tech talks will happens here in southern France during the “Mêlée Numérique” one week long yearly event (a famous event about startups, tech, innovation, etc that usually gather ~10K visitors here). That would be a great combo :slight_smile:

EDIT : I’ve mistaken, the event is on 2nd of October, and it’s my Svelte meetup on 14th, but that’ll be available online too :wink:

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Wasn’t there a Crater Conf at one point? I see no reason we can’t steal that :thinking:.


Crater was a general JS conference (so stealing that might not be possible):

And if my memory servers Crater was a Meteor Reddit like app.

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Oh, for some reason I thought that it was a Meteor conf, since was by Josh Owens.

Could always call it something like Impact Conf maybe.


Meteor Impact Event — Scientifically accurate title


Crater (in one way or other) seems to be super popular with some people. But conference is about talking and educating about Meteor…

Yeah - crater does sort of imply crash and burn - so maybe not the best message :smile:


A meteor usually circles endlessly and pointlessly in a solar system, or maybe it hits a planet where it burns/explodes in the atmosphere (so there is any), or crashes into terrain where it causes significant damage, possibly up to the point of causing mass extinction. None of the above is exactly a brilliant metaphor for piece of software. :slight_smile:

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Meteor shower - witness those shooting stars

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Words for thought:

n. bolide

  1. an especially luminous meteor (sometimes exploding)

Bolide 2020, Meteor Bolide 2020

n. meteoritics

  1. the branch of science concerned with meteors and meteorites.

Meteoritics 2020

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Meteor Impact is a fantastic name for a conf imo


I would argue that a Meteor is often described as a falling star and the saying goes: “Falling stars make wishes come trough”. Its contradictionary to the endlessly circling ones which are the Asteroids.

Also another description is:

any person or object that moves, progresses, becomes famous, etc., with spectacular speed.

Meteor has helped me many times achieve goals for clients in ways that other frameworks couldn’t. It had “impact”. The scientific theory is that the water we have on Earth comes from Meteor impacts. So its a fact that the possibility of live on Earth started with meteor impacts :slight_smile:

The name Meteor in general is a great choice and really fitting for what Meteor did and funny enough still does compared to newer frameworks. It creates business impact, because it allows for rapid entry and innovation into markets.

Coming up with names for a conference based on the name “Meteor” is actually easy. Picking one from those awesome options is harder I guess :smiley:

I like Shooting Star Conference 2020

Another approach might be the business side of things. Getting things done. Rapid market entry, etc. In our dev world there is too much intention for tools and not so much for the business mindset and to be fair, Meteor really improves business and kickstarts new ones.


This is pretty cool. I would shorten it to just “Meteor Impact 2020”.


+1 for Meteor Impact 2020


+1 for ‘Meteor Impact 2020’ also