Meteor Impact 2020


I’m happy to announce Meteor Impact 2020! An online conference all about Meteor, other awesome technologies connected to it and the awesome people that make the community. Consider yourself invited! I can hardly wait to see you there!

Check out the website

Now, we are at the very beginning of everything so there isn’t much in term of content, yet (ie. we are looking for speakers, exhibitors and everyone else who wants to get involved, just contact me), this will change in the next two weeks.

Attendee registration will open 1st October.
The conference is free, but we would very much appreciate if you would sponsor some of the community contributors.

Now for what we can announce so far:
@filipenevola and @stolinski have accepted to be the first keynote speakers!
@storyteller Will do few panels about community, moderate hangout sessions and possibly more.
@jkuester will talk about How to authenticate with one user across many Meteor apps using a custom OAuth2 server.
Other speakers have also committed, but we are still determining the details.
Pathable is sponsoring the event through providing the platform and anything else we need from it. Many thanks!


We are open for registration! And have some awesome talks to show you already:

@moderators Probably would be better to pin this post instead of the old one.

Just visited the website. It is not clear what is happening, when is it happening, or why should I sign-up. I am on a smartphone. I’m planning to share to friends and colleagues but nothing is clear from the page I visited. :grin:

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The mobile page is geared towards if you are already registered. I have added some basic info to it.


Time to bump things up again! Please don’t forget to share with your colleagues and friends!

Also each talk has a poll which by default includes a form that allows you to ask the speaker a question. So if you already have a question for the speaker, don’t hesitate to add it!


Maybe I am looking at this wrong guys…but as an example…is the “How to get the most of this conference” really happening from midnight to 12:30am? Are these times correct?

Yes, please keep in mind that the times are adjusted for your timezone. Also this session in particular will only hold videos about how to use the platform. I will be gathering and making these this weekend and they should be available immediately. So the time is just there that it is first and for the asia-pacific timezones.

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Okay great, thank you for the clarification! :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s the thing with online conferences and timezones - there will always be someone with very inconvenient times for the sessions but I think the other advantage is, that the conference is nearly 18 hours alone for Thursday, removing the need for parallel sessions and everybody should get the opportunity to attend at least some sessions.


Yes, I’m adding new sessions about every other day. Right now it I’m focusing on having only one session at a time (with rest periods between sessions). On Sunday 17th I will fill remaining empty space with hangout sessions for people to meet along different interest topics (if you have an idea for a topic and would be interested in being a moderator for one, let me know).
Also starting tomorrow (Monday 12th) the event will open for 1 on 1 meetings. I’ll have a blog post and newsletter about that later today.

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Here is the promised article:

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Last chance to submit your talk to Meteor Impact! I will be closing the submissions once I wake-up tomorrow (so in about 9 hours):

Agenda will be finalized shortly after.

Why there’s no mention of Meteor Impact on the official Blog too?

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I guess I have to write-up something.

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I think that writing also something before would have being great (I see you already written on and so on but something on an official account would have being better).

I’m planning to send out a newsletter and publish another article (probably to be mirrored on the official blog).


I tried to sign up but all I see is a logout page.

Oh, I didn’t grasp that creating an account === signing up

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Finally finished writing up the article:

Newsletter going out in a moment as well. Please share!