Meteor conference 2020

+1 Meteor Impact 2020

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I’m for “Meteor Impact 2020”

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+1 for Meteor impact

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Guess there is a clear favorite :rofl:

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Honestly, Impact 2020 is short, sweet, and catchy.


+1 for “Meteor Impact 2020”.

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OK I got it :sob: It is going to be called:

Meteor Impact

Now I’m off to find some amazing picture of Meteor impact to use on the homepage…


So am I really the only one swimming against the current with my suggestion of “Meteor Apocalypse & Mass Extinction 2020”, ehh?


What are you talking about? :laughing: Most people here want it like this:


+1 Meteor Impact 2020

Looks like Thursday and Friday will be the dates…
Though I’m kind of split on that as Friday and Saturday are not bad either, just for a different group of people.

Work on my full-time job might reduce the hours I can join in on Thursday and Friday.

Check with your employer if they have some policies on attending conferences or education. Might be worth it to ask them to have them consider it as an improvement opportunity for employees.

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My first shot on the logo. Would appreciate if someone more qualified did it though.

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Awesome! So looking forward to this.

I’ve been thinking of a few ideas on how to structure the conference based on a few virtual ones I’ve been a part of so far this year.

The problem with doing these virtual across time zones as they can be quite sapping as all day events, and if they stick to a live access model, it can exclude folks who can’t access the whole event or miss out on certain events due to scheduling conflicts.

Also, let’s face it. Screen fatigue is real.

There needs to be a way to allow for more breaks and interruptions for the attendee to check-in and out as needed to maintain their comfort. In the other events I was a part of, I found that people tended to zone out within a couple of hours of the event starting cause it was so passive, and also isolated since they wasn’t in a physical space with others.

Also, virtual events give the opportunity for folks to participate in multiple tracks asynchronously.

I think there should be a mix of asynchronous and live events to cater to a wider audience.

For example, stuff like keynote, closing, hackathon, etc can be live.

The knowledge sessions ideally should be async in that let the live session happen and have a live Q&A at that time. But also let people watch the recordings later and join breakout rooms around each topic that are open for a week so that they can ask the presenter questions and also participate in a larger discussion. Setup time-slots when they can access these rooms, sort of like an AMA, so that even these folks can engage with the speakers for a brief time.

Think of like a Meteor Week, where you have the main Meteor Impact (love the name btw) session which is live, but also has these breakout sessions around talks that people can be a part of over the week.

The idea is to allow for maximum immersion into the Meteor universe and connect with as many ideas and people as they can.

The key is to make this only open for a week to create immediacy, and archive the recordings for posterity, as part of a knowledge/learning section on either the main Meteor website or the Community platform.

Also, for the AMA stuff, and the multi-breakouts I mentioned, you can make those paid for a nominal fee, something like maybe $50 per attendee, to compensate speakers for making more time available for speaking with folks outside of their live sessions, in a group format.

These are just thoughts I’ve been noting from my experiences, and I thought I’d share if it’d help the Meteor ecosystem create a deeper engagement with the community.

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I think you are going to like the format we are going to have. It is going to be similar to MongoDB conference.

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Internet failed while uploading the images and I didn’t notice they actually did.

My daughter and I came up with this idea, I am definitely not a designer but I like playing around with Inkscape.

There is one other version I’d like to upload whenever I get the chance, but thought I would share what we already had.



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