Meteor DDP Monitor - Chrome Devtools extension


Hello Meteorites,

We’ve just pushed a new version Meteor DDP Monitor and I wanted to take this opportunity to share it with those of you who have not seen/used it yet and encourage more people from the community to share feedback on features that you’d like to see in new releases and your specific use cases.


I’m loving this since day one!

Nice touch with the colored icons. Could you perhaps restyle the bold part so that it is not bold, but it somewhat matches the icon colors? I think it would be easier on the eye and much easier to visually grasp what’s going on.


Ohhhh wow! Awesomeness again!
Should I give a go at converting it to safari or am I gonna run into too much trouble?


This is rocking cool. Now it’s looking cool with new icons.


@serkandurusoy: yeah this sounds like a good idea - we’ll play with this to see how this works out. thank you!


@manuite: i am not familiar with Safari devtools API so it’s hard to comment at this point. We tried to keep Chrome related stuff separate from the app itself (which is implemented as a separate React app). The app itself and Chrome devtools are glued together through the bridge module (


Thanks for this kewl stuff!
It would be nice if it could measure the size of received ddp message in bytes and also response time.