Meteor deploy 2600+ applications using other user's meteor account


There is 2600+ meteor applications created by users. I want to enable users to deploy their applications directly from meteor-kitchen on single click - but using their meteor account (I want users to have control over deployed applications outside meteor-kitchen.

Users can login into via OAuth using their Meteor account. Now… is it possible to “meteor deploy” from my server using some access token or something, without asking users their Meteor password?

If not possible, can I upload 2600+ meteor applications, using my own username/password? (is there limit how much applications can be deployed by single user?).

Petar (from Meteor Kitchen)

I think you can hack it if you carefully examine and the deployment part of the CLI (especially the deploy section) for things like

var readSessionData = function () {
  var sessionPath = config.getSessionFilePath();
  if (! files.exists(sessionPath))
    return {};
  return JSON.parse(files.readFile(sessionPath, { encoding: 'utf8' }));

but there is also a mechanism where users can authorize other users (like a meteor kitchen user) for deploying on behalf of them and I guess that’s a more formal approach but it requires them to create organizations and grant your user access.

I think either way, it would be a fairly involved process for meteor kitchen users to arrange for meteorkitchen to directly deploy on behalf of them.

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@serkandurusoy thank you! :+1:

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