Meteor events and input type=range


Does anybody know how to add an event handler to a HTML5 range input type?

<template name="range">
 <input type="range" value="10">
 'change input[type="range"]': function(e,t) {

does not work …


The correct event would be input but it has problems with IE, so you might also try jQuery’s mousemove or combine the two.


Doesn’t work. What I didn’t mention is that I am using ionic, which uses fastclick.js, which might be the reason … haven’t tried input type=range without it yet


Just created a blank project without fastclick or anything and change event fires.

Ergo: not Meteor issue but related to some other Javascript library …


And one more update:{
 'change input[type="range"]': function(e,t) {

the above works absolutely fine, but one has to attach the event listener to the correct template. :frowning:

I am using Iron Router with #contentFor xyz and attached the event to the template containing the #contentFor instead of template xyz

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