Meteor events should be more extensible

One problem I run into a decent amount is an inability to create reactive events that extend from Template.[template].events({}). For example, I might want to do something like this:{
  'scroll .ion-content': _.throttle(function() {
    // some code here to create an infinite scrolling effect.
  }, 300),
  'resize': _.throttle(function() {
    // change around display in some way or another.
  }, 200)

It seems like the maps have a very specific set of events you can use. Ideally, this would be more extensible to add in some keyed events. Eg:

_.extend(, {
  'resize': function() {
    window.addEventListener('resize', function() {
      // fire template event

Is it possible to extend these events?


In this case, when would the resize event be triggered?

You could set those events up using jquery and track them within a reactive variable, add dependencies to that variable for when you want to trigger an action.

Not the cleanest of solutions, but has worked for me so far.