My students frequently want to include image uploading in their Meteor apps. I created an example application to show how to use Cloudinary’s unsigned uploading and upload widget with Meteor. It’s pretty simple to do:



Hi Philip

Thanks for the tutorial. Nice work!
Is there a way to get the Cloudinary widget to work with Autoform?


I would expect there is a way, but I’m not familiar with AutoForm so I can’t say for sure.

@tonygags try this. Been using this in 2 production app for last 2 years

Hi kaiyes. Thanks for the tip. I tried the cossie55 package and it works well. It doesn’t work with Autoform v6 though… So I also tried a later package and it works well too… it has an upload progress bar and saves the image as an object with other fields as well… It’s actually a fork of the cossie55 package

However, I still have a problem where Autoform will not reactively change images on an edit form when the form is on the same page as a list of products, each with their own edit/update/remove buttons… an image will appear on the Update form when I select a product to edit from a list of products but when I select another product to edit/update the image will will not change to the next product’s image, it stays the same as the initial product selected to edit, and then if I submit a different product via the form sometimes the image will be removed. All the text and select fields change reactively and update correctly but the image will not… I am using a session variable to tell Autoform which productId to select/edit and it works just fine to display the correct details in the form when selecting different products to edit…

So I thought if the Cloudinary widget, that Philip has got working in Meteor, could be added to Autoform that would be great, especially with the crop and camera functionality, but would it solve the non-reactive images problem? I think this may a problem with Autoform itself… I posted about it here: Autoform update Images not reactive and is removing them

Is Autoform still being updated? Cause it’s a great timesaver.

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