Meteor for front-end use only


I have an existing back-end that serves up web services. I am thinking of using meteor for the front-end. My question is - can I easily use meteor to develop the front-end portion of the app only and without severely limiting meteors benefits?

If so, are there docs, examples of developing & deploying with this model?


Blake McBride

I was trying just a few days ago. It gives you the front-end part of meteor (blaze template engine and reactive vars) for standalone use.

It’s a bit outdated, but you can use the scripts at to build a fresh one.

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I would love to see someone build a script/service that can generate client-only versions of any Meteor package.



Make sure you read this thread about standalone Blaze! In it, there’s a link to this package, which may be what you want:


Depends on what you call the ‘meteor benefits’. For me that’s data synchronization, and this of course you will lose and you’ll have to write yourself. However, meteor on the fronted consists of some components like blaze, tracker, minimongo, spacebars, ddp client. …
If you got an existing backend you probably can reuse blaze, tracker and spacebars without modifications.