The need for a separate website for Blaze:


We should make a separate, top-level visibility website for the Blaze subproject.

The reason is that right now, a lot of people are comparing Meteor to AngularJS and React. This is not a helpful comparison, because Meteor is a full-stack platform, whereas Angular and React are “MVC”-esque view frameworks.

To help address this, and to simultaneously help people get started with an element of the Meteor stack without committing to the entire platform from day one, we should give Blaze its own pedestal so the community can make the right comparison. If someone chooses Blaze for its design goals (such as ease of use), they may then become interested in the rest of the Meteor philosophy and start using more components of Meteor (such as Tracker).

What do you guys think?

Meteor for front-end use only

Go for it! Would like to see what can come out of it. An older page is here:


I think would maybe be better? I’m personally not a fan of the *js naming convention.


I think this would help introduce a lot of people to Meteor that might otherwise dismiss it as not for them.


And I’d suggest to some high level articles about how to use blaze and it’s features. Something like a guide.
May be we curate and put some links people already has written.


Does this project help?


Also, I chatted with James Gill who says he wanted his team to use Blaze outside of Meteor, and wanted also to see how to compile Spacebars templates in Node. (The example on only shows compilation in the browser)


Rahul, maybe you want to become the maintainer of standalone blaze?


I think this is something great. Asteroid is also something like this. (But, I hope it does not use Blaze or Tracker).


I’m not a good person to be a standalone maintainer - my codefu is not high enough. I can help set up the website and focus on surfacing this in the community, though. Right now, this is a positioning issue more than an engineering one.


I was giving talks on meetups on how blaze works
and how you can create a template without the
need of writing html and so on.
They are not public!

But i could help to write guides if someone does the lifting of the site.


100% agree, The unknowing on what comes next with Blaze makes you wonder if you should choose reactjs/angularjs, But I really love Blaze. Hopefully they won’t drop support for it even through there is official reactjs/angularjs support now.


I hear tons of people say the exact same thing. Blaze is awesome and should stay!

What happend to the website idea? Is it online somewhere?


Since May I have been thinking of creating the website for blaze. Since no one has yet, I decided to start it today. You can find it on Github at here. I would love to get some ideas, and if anyone wants to work on it with me, that would be great! is in use, so I am currently using


@mitar already has a website about Blaze Components, I wonder how that interacts with this.


The Blaze Components extend Blaze, and his website explains how to use them. The Blaze website would explain how to use “vanilla” Blaze, and recommend and give overviews of packages that extend or enhance it like Blaze Components. What is your opinion?


This topic will also be an article in the Meteor guide - in fact, we have a section planned here:

There hasn’t been too much discussion about it yet.

I think a great plan would be to start with a community site and see what you come up with, then we can repackage it into a guide article to make it more “official”/discoverable.

So I would say go for it! More content is always great, and we can consolidate together later if that’s a good approach.


When I started thinking about the content, I was wondering how it would be different from the other resources, such as that guide article.

I will start experimenting/creating!


Yep, the easiest way to find out is to make something!


Slava, Is the the last version of broken. It doesn’t work. Has a lot of Meteor dependency.