Meteor Forums: "I'm not dead!"


Quoting from The Meteor Forums are dying:

The Meteor forums are where dreams go to die. The Space Dojo group has, and will always be, the best place to engage in discussion. Crater being the outlet of news, and the Slack being a source of support.


Don’t lose hope @abhiaiyer - we’re still dreaming here on the forums, and trying to make those dreams happen! Honestly, is still quite alive and thriving. Great discussions about the current and future direction of Meteor/Apollo keep coming up, and the daily on-going knowledge sharing has been, and continues to be, awesome.

Please don’t give up on the forums yet - come back, submit a new “[something Meteor/Apollo related] is dying” post, and watch the magic happen! :slight_smile:


I don’t think it matters which forum you use specifically. As far as I can tell, it’s the same people on both websites.

Either way, people should realize that neither website is a support Q&A site. It’s for talking with other people. While I do look at every single thread on the forum, GitHub is the place for actionable issues, and moving something out of there means it’s not a task for the core team anymore.


i dont think the problem was ever that Meteor forums are dying. A lot of members are just really confused on the direction of Meteor, and due to poor communication (which contributes to the perception that MDG is out of touch with the community) alongside weakened trust it’s hard to take what is said at face value, as what is said usually doesn’t match the reality.

Worst part imo right now is the current status will make any serious users very hesitant to start a project with Meteor. Even those like myself, who fought to get Meteor as the chosen platform at the work place, are worried about the future.

I honestly don’t even really feel “safe” for choosing Meteor. So imagine how scary it must be for new users? Especailly considering Meteor is a lot less user friendly now than it was when I started using it.

I’ve posted on here expressing how I feel about the situation, and hoping for reassurance along the way. Can’t say I’ve really got it (which makes me unsure if Meteor is just distancing itself from the reasons we chose it, or if it’s more poor communication, or if MDG really is out of touch and don’t understand the situation it’s users are in).

But having spent over a year on Meteor in the work place, having our app in development for around a year (it’s a very big project that our business plan for at least 1-2 years in to the future is based upon, as well as sister companies of ours will be using as a backbone) we’re basically “all-in” now, and just hoping things work out in the end, and that Meteor doesn’t deprecate every reason we chose it in the first place.

As it stands, I like the current version of Meteor. It’s an awesome product. But it’s changing, and that makes me extremely worried about the future, as I don’t know if it’s changing in to something that meets the same needs as Meteor did in the past. I don’t really know what is going to be changed, deprecated, or left behind next. And I really wish the core values that Meteor was built upon are Meteor’s core values in the future.


I love that this post was brought here to bring life to a topic on the forums.


Look we can argue all day about what is an issue or not. But by straight up deflecting a “QUESTION” to the forums which does not have high quality posts nor high quality responses is a little disheartening.

So yes, I do think this forum has slowed down due to the LESS Drama meteor has had.


And i mention the other forum because theres an actual community behind it. Where is the Meteor Slack channel similar to Apollo?


When’s that message going out. (PS I earned my first link achievement, whats good…)


I’m saying it’s not for asking MDG employees questions directly. People post help questions so that others in the community can help out.


Since when does “community” mean “slack channel”? I feel like there is a great community here on the forums, and I find it much easier to talk about stuff here than on Slack. But some people like chat, I get it. There are some great Slack rooms like the Meteor Chef, Meteor Club, etc.

If you like and related stuff more, then please use it. But I don’t see why that has to involve some sort of forum war where you declare the one you prefer is better.


I actually was not the one to make this a forum war. I posted my opinion on Crater to reaffirm to its followers that. So @hwillson THANKS for turning it into one!


So what do we do with this thread now? Seems like it’s unlikely to become a friendly conversation.


We should delete this ASAP before the real flame war begins.

I just want to say this, I was not trying to be negative. Nor do I hate anyone here. Its quite the opposite, i have utmost respect for everyone. But I will say this, I do not appreciate being “handled” whether it be in issues or forums.

I understand there are contributor guidelines and I respect those as well, but perception is everything on the internet. So please refrain from douchebag one line sentences in issue comments and be more encouraging to patrons. Especially ones who pay for your service.

I do stand by what I said, but thats my opinion and should not be taken as the word of Solomon.

Sorry for this tussle Sashko and co.


OK, going to close it. PM me if you think it’s the wrong thing to do.