Meteor galaxy horizontal scaling price and limit

Recently I bought galaxy standard pro server and deployed my app. I have doubts on horizontal scaling, is horizontal scaling took any extra charge? what is the maximum limit for horizontal scaling containers?

Scaling is part of the pro and there is no extra charge for except for paying for the running servers (obviously). You can set the limits when setting up scaling. By default you can have maximum of 20 containers running on your account, but I think that can be increased.

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@filipenevola just mentioned that they can raise the container limit to 100 for example (probably as many as you want) in his recent blog post about Galaxies new auto-scaling feature.

You can just click “Get Support” in Galaxy & request the default limit increase.

See 11 minutes in this video:


thanks to you @storyteller @mullojo :slight_smile:

@mullojo @storyteller how many apps can be deployed in my standard pro account? what is the limit? any idea about that?