Meteor Guide 1.3 vs Mantra

I’m starting a new application for work (my first besides the tutorials using React and ES2015) and was looking into Mantra; however, I just went through the Meteor Guide 1.3 and now have reservations. The new Meteor Guide’s guidance on directory structure (specifically the /imports directory) and using react-media-data with createContainer seems more straightforward than Mantra’s setup and react-komposer.

As I’m just learning both (and React), I would appreciate any feedback or guidance on why I should choose one or the other. I’m a bit of a by-the-book guy so I’m leaning toward following the guide, but Mantra seems sexier and more flexible but with a steeper learning curve (I still don’t quite have my head around react-komposer :confused:).

Your thoughts and help would be greatly appreciated.


I think it’s great that there are different options here - in fact, you could use both in the same app. Personally I’d start with whatever is easiest, and then upgrade to something more flexible when it becomes necessary.


I think the word “upgrade” implies one’s superiority over the other, which I sincerely believe is not the case.

Guide vs Mantra is a very “personal” decision that can even change per project.