Meteor + Ionic ( Meteoric) vs Meteor + Angular + Ionic

I’m implementing the mobile version of my Meteor app and currently interested in Ionic.
But, now the Meteoric announces that they stop maintaining the package and recommend switching to Ionic, or Ionic 2 ( which goes along with Angular, Angular2), or Reapp ( which goes with React).
That means if I want to stick with Meteor + Ionic, I should go with Meteor + Angular + Ionic. The point is I don’t undestand why they do this ? Is it because they don’t want to user Ionic + Blaze anymore ? Why do using Ionic + Angular is superior ?
Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad English.


I don’t know, but I’d guess that: Ionic officially supports Angular. Angular was not always supported by Meteor, so someone ported it to Blaze. Then Meteor began to support Angular, and thus the new recommendation was made.


Thanh you for your reply. That 's what I had thought of. But is a pity when we lost one option to go with Blaze + Ionic ( maybe more familiar and save more time for Meteor beginner ). So I guess I will begin to spend time on Angular or React instead.

Indeed - this issue seems to be repeating itself with community packages - support tends to get phased often.

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@leiduong There is an option to use Blaze and Angular together. That way you can use Blaze as you normally would but use Angular when needed to get Ionic. Here is an example of Blaze and Angular running together:


Hi @lance, thank you for your info. btw I want to use Blaze straight with Ionic ( Meteoric ) if I could, but now I’m using Meteor + Angular + Ionic because both Angular and Ionic have official support, so, why not ? :smile:

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I’m interested in this combination (Meteor+Angular+Ionic) because it should enable the possibility of adding the tons of Ionic contributions found here

@leiduong two questions for you:

  1. how do you add ionic to a meteor-angular app?
  2. are you satisfied with this frontend’s performance?

I’m not @leiduong but i can you this questions simple.

  1. Add to a fresh meteor project the official ionic package and you have the meteor-angular packge also installed.

  2. Performance on mobile is great

Hi @sebastianconcept, because I already have a Meteor web app and want to build the mobile version, so I start with a pure Ionic project. then add 2 packages (both installed by Bower) :

  • meteor-client-side by idanwe: help me use all Meteor API in my client mobile app
  • angular-meteor by Urigo

We are very happy with the result till now. The performance in Android is quite good (but still does not feel native 100%, I think it s about 89% :smiley: ), but in iOS, the performance is amazing and you could barely tell that 's a hybrid app.


hi, i am in a similar situation and i would like to know about your experiencie. How did u separate web version (Blaze) than mobile (Angular). I hv noticed you installed meteor-angular, does it affect your web version?.
thank you

Hi @cyberdelahoz95, I built a total different app with Ionic CLI. Then use meteor-client-side to connect to my existing Meteor server and angular-meteor to work with data in mobile client. So nothing affect the web app because they are 2 totally separate apps :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Sorry for bumping into this post after a while. I have a similar scenario, I reckon that if I need to use Ionic2 on my UI in a meteor project there is no other way to interact with it and Angular 2 would have to be used. You definitely cannot use Blaze directly instead and Ionic for the views? I have used Ionic 2 but it seems really integrated with Angular 2.