Meteor + Ionic4 Integration

I’d like to see what the community thinks about a potential tighter integration between Meteor/Ionic4.

One of the strong selling points of Meteor is the integration with Cordova however Cordova does come with its own set of issues and limitation. Furthermore, we’ve seen the raise of view specific mobile front-end technology such as react native/flutter.

One thought that came to my mind is the possibility of having tighter integration with Ionic4 as opposed to plain cordova or react native. Why ionic? I actually avoided using Ionic framework in the past because the framework was restricted to Angular. However last year they’ve refactored their components to be view agonistic using web-components and they’re creating wrappers for Angular, React and Vue. Modern meteor is front-end agonistic and also supports ARV (Angular, React and Vue) so I think there is a value of having tighter integration between Meteor/Ionic 4 as oppose to Cordova.

Imagine having one command that would create a PWA mobile app that has both front-end view layer (using Ionic 4) and backend (Meteor) and ready to deploy (using Ionic 4 Capacitor and Galaxy as the backend hosting platform), I think that could potentially be a huge selling point for Meteor and Galaxy.

Any thoughts or objections?


Im on the same boat: did not go with ionic because it was angular only, but very interested with ionic 4 now with capacitor

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I think React Native should be mentioned more and more in this forum. It’s the most popular framework for developing cross platform apps and it’s kinda sad cause there are 2-3 react-native-meteor wrappers abandoned for years and no one from the community is maintaining them.

I would be really impressed to see an official react-native-meteor package


I think the Meteor + Ionic tutorial is a great start ( but it seems things have changed since the last version:

  • Meteor supports Typescript from start
  • Ionic has moved to version 4 with lots of changes

I would love to see an update to this tutorial, for a start.

PS: I’m actually ok to use Angular below Ionic as that would leverage my current knowledge.

Anyone here using Meteor + Ionic 4 React ? I am running into problems importing SVG as described on this issue here.

Anyone figure this out?

Also Ionic 5 is an RC.

Would be great to collaborate on a Meteor tutorial for using Ionic, perhaps even create a Meteor mobile demo app?

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hi hex sprite did you solve the issue and how does it look with ionic5 ?

I gave up trying to get this working properly. Managed to get enough of the functionality I was wanting from antd-mobile.