Meteor is doing my head in - any help please?

I ave been working on an app. for a couple of weeks and feel like I am getting nowhere. I’m on the verge of moving to Ember, so before this happens, could someone who is proficient in Meteor and understands the documentation help me out ?

It’s not possible to do that in the forum with so little information :wink: -> ask for Mentoring with, for a few bucks I or another meteor expert can help you to build your app with meteor.

I’m sure there are people here who would love to help you but we have no idea what you’re working on or what problems you’re having.

Why don’t you get a copy of and go through it for a a couple of days. It will put you on the right track.

I did that and it didn’t help.

ok, signed up to AitPair

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Well in that case you must be clear and explicit about what kinds of problems you are having.