'meteor' is not recognized as an internal or external command

I’m installing meteor on windows 7, and the command ‘meteor’ returns that meteor is not recognized. I have seen a related issue in this page of the forum:

But the path seems to be correct: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local.meteor. I am seeing the path under the name ‘PATH’ in user variables. Idk much about this subject, so let me know if I am looking at the wrong thing.

Any suggestions?

Just to check, is there a “” character between Local and .meteor ?

check that path which is added to $PATH if there is meteor executable
and sometimes you need to open new command line ‘cmd’ to read new $PATH from environment (Win + R, type ‘cmd’ and enter)

@TwinTails Yes, there is a backslash right after meteor.
@shock I couldn’t find a meteor executable. What will opening a new command line do?

I installed meteor on a windows 8 device and it worked perfectly, so it seems like this is a windows 7 issue and something related to the path.

The backslash should be BEFORE .meteor

Problem resolved, the path did turn out to be the issue.