Meteor Mentoring Group aka Meteor University


@christbkk this is great, we are now a class of 3 people + me and I’m sure I’ll also learn a lot from you as well.

I’m currently on the road but will get settled in a few days. So let’s take this opportunity to decide how we can start off.

@chathuraa has already created a slack channel and a github repo. You and @sakulstra can PM him with your email addresses to join in.

Would you guys like to create something useful during this time? How about a mentoring / open classroom app? :smile:


I wanna be the last one if it isn’t 5 already !! @serkandurusoy

@chathuraa could you please send me the invite ?


I should already be the fourth though I did not ask obviously. @christbkk ? :slight_smile:


ha ha . funny how things get started !!


@mustapha, if you send me your email i can add you the the slack channel. :slight_smile: . Also is @mustapha git hub handle?


Thank you @chathuraa. You can add me by "".

mustafa-yilmaz is mine on github.


Have you checked CodeBuddies yet?


I think this meteor-mentor thing is a great idea indeed.

Trying to expand its reach and see if it gets traction could be great for the the community.

Having many 5 to 1 Mentor classes would be great, I guess. So kudos to @christbkk for bringing up the idea and @serkandurusoy and @faceyspacey for making themselves available as mentors.

I’d like to be in a class, too. Either this one just starting if it’s not already 5 members @chathuraa and @christbkk or another one with @faceyspacey when ready (or any other new mentor on the horizon of course)

P.S.: @vonwao the remote hackathon idea is cool, too. It’s worth pushing forward imho


@ric0 we have 1 more spot left, so I’ll add you in.


is your github handle rico as well? Also send me your email as well so i can invite you to slack chat.


Wow this seems like it may actually pick up and become a thing! I can imagine many classes on different topics going on at once! An open meteor university, so to speak :smile:

I’ll be joining in on github/slack tomorrow evening (I’m on GMT+2) and I’m thrilled about this!


This sounds really awesome so far!

Seems good to me! Some basic “question/answer” index card repetition app could be the start.

I would also love to to give Mantra specs a try, but perhaps this adds to much “useless complexity” to the class-project, what are your opinions?


A few ideas to keep this rolling:

  • Let’s first answer the first few questions @christbkk has about relationships and models. see his first post. he has dibs :wink:
  • What are your opinions on creating an open source app as part of the class? What about my previous suggestion, a mentoring app where people can create/join classes on specific topics where users can be students to some and be mentors on others?
  • I think we should do multiple iterations. For example, start off with the basic meteor tutorial, move on to the meteor guide
  • And then we can explore optional pieces like react, angular etc
  • We can dedicate a few sessions to best practices
  • Some sessions for spotting high quality packages and using them



@sakulstra boilerplates and architectures like mantra should come after clearing up the basics. I think we should all feel comfortable with the topics and ideas given on the meteor guide and then move on to alternatives.


Yeah a real world app from concept to the completion would be great.

I think multiple iteration of the same project (Add features) would be beneficial rather than tackling different projects. This will give us real world experience on how product evolves and issues we will be facing as a result. ie migrations, schema changes, ui changes and solutions to StreamLine the process (testing, refactoring)



It seems am late to the party :sweat: I’d definitely love to join a class… Maybe a different slack channel for another class of 5. Anyone?


If you just want to follow along, i guess it is okay.Lets wait and see what others think. Hopefully 5 of us will be in a better place thanks to @serkandurusoy soon, so we can mentor others. :smile:


I won’t mind following along.


I’m now officially on the slack channel and I’ll be posting there. But we should also find a way to make our sessions public so I guess this forum thread will kind of serve as a placeholder in the meantime. Let’s begin!


@henryc, if you send your email i’ll add you to the slack channel.