Meteor Mentoring Group aka Meteor University

Hi all,

My name is Chris, 25 years old from Germany. I am looking for an experienced Javascript / Meteor Developer to become my Mentor.

I am at the moment developing my first Web app with Meteor.

What I am looking for:

30-60min session per week where I can ask questions to understand relationships, methods and so on. I don’t need you to explain me everything, I more need someone to tell me check this topic, check this function, check this example code and find your answer. Like a guide who shows me the right ways.

After reading books, watching video tutorials and so on I feel I need professional help to come to the next level in my newbie coder career.

The meeting can be via Skype or Email is also fine for me.

What I can offer in return:
I can offer help in Online Marketing, SEO, Facebook Marketing, Controlling and other stuff which helps you to achieve your goals.

Lastly I can pay also money if there is no other way.

Answer me here or write me a PM if you are interested.



Hi @christbkk - just a heads up, it will be very difficult to find experienced Meteor devs willing to help out unless they’re getting paid, and paid well. I’m not saying this to crush your hopes, but just stating a fact. Experienced Meteor devs are in high demand (well any experienced devs are to be honest), which means mentoring someone without being paid will take second seat. If you’re looking for an experienced mentor and are willing to pay, you can always try the Meteor devs on airpair.

The above being said, if you’re looking for free mentoring and are okay with a bit of time between help sessions, then you’ve come to the right place. The community behind this forum is awesome at giving help to those in need. I think you’ll be quite surprised at how well you’ll be able to level up just by using these forums. Also, don’t forget to try Slack, Gitter and IRC.


Hi @hwillson thanks for your reply. I fully understand that, but I will try my luck as I think I can give back valuable time to others in return as well.

Maybe I have luck and I find someone who is interested to give back his knowledge to a young Padawan :smile:

The value of this board and Slack and IRC is without any doubt.

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Hi Chris, ah, I wouldn’t be as pessimistic as @hwillson. Most experienced devs remember well how it was beeing a beginner too and are generally glad to help.

But from my experience, some beginners often lack the time investment to provide actionable questions. For example:

  • isolating a problem, or desire for advice, to specific elements of your code/business/app
  • provide small runnable gists, or repo, so there is not much time needed to just spin it up (I.e. check out for small, collaborative and free reproductions)
  • and last but not least, be clear about what you already know, what you don’t understand and what you try to achieve! :wink:

(Also of course: How to Ask for Help on

This way it’s possible to provide advice or answer questions quickly, even for senior devs. Be it here in the forums, or chatting face to face.

Also, most Gurus are actually not bigheaded enough to see themself as a Guru :sweat_smile:. So you eventually end in nobody replying. The same applies to finding a mentor. Nobody perceives themself as knowing enough to be a mentor.

So you may want to update your question with

  • where are you now with meteor, experiences, fails (your current knowledge)
  • what do you try to achieve (code, app, theory, approaches, functionality, special packages (react?), for fun, for work etc)
  • what do you look for in the other person. Not commitment/availability wise, rather: “has build a production app with meteor with 100 Users; understands how minimongo works; went to reactconf; works full time at a software shop that uses meteor; is developer with a complete different background; has an income of 1 million or more/year; trait XYZ”

Given that, I happen to also live in Germany. I am not a Guru, but have quite a bit of experience :slight_smile: just send me a pm.


Haha - I guess I was being pessimistic so well said. I guess I just wanted to mention that free help from experienced devs can often be hard to come by. Answering forum posts or responding to a few questions via Slack is one thing, but hard core mentoring sessions are another. Experienced devs are experienced because they’re busy … well usually … I’m supposed to be working right now … grrrr

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@hwillson I’ll be your mentor. I’ve done this before–I’ve specifically trained someone very early in their career in meteor to the point they could contribute to major applications. my email is I’d be happy to answer any questions you have until you are ready to get started. In short I know everything about meteor, have built several very large applications with it and have been using it since its inception.

Here’s a video of me presenting at a Meteor Dev shop 3 years ago:


Just a slight correction @faceyspacey - @christbkk is looking for the mentor. That being said, I think I should sign up with you to get mentoring on writing! Man, you are prolific! :smile:


Will follow up with you guys tomorrow!

@hwillson haha I mean you are completely right that it is hard to find people who are interested in mentoring, but what I learned is just try it and ask :smile: a No is ok but not asking is stupid… thats what my teachers always told me :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it just me, or does anyone anyone else have no clue what’s going on in that video?

Maybe @christbkk can trade presentation skills training?


While I’m very far from being a guru, I’m always happy to answer your questions on IRC, as long as I see that the user is actually learning something from it and is doing his own research too. Feel free to join us. Gitter’s community is great too.

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I had an idea to create (organize) a remote hackathon. Might be a cool way to learn, collaborate, and maybe build something useful. Any thoughts… Has anyone seen something like this done in a way that worked well? I wonder what tools are available?


@christbkk I’ve been developing on Meteor for slightly more than 3 years now and I’d learned a lot from the community. I’d like to pay back. If you are open to receiving the mentoring openly, let’s do it here on the forum or somewhere appropriate and still open, where others could also contribute. We could lay some ground rules to keep noise to a minimum.


I’m willing to take that offer if you have time to mentor more than one.

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Hi @serkandurusoy lets do that. Where do you think would be best to do? Any ideas?

@christbkk @chathuraa I think forming a small “class” would even be better
so that you guys can also exchange ideas!

is there a (free) platform where we can share and record desktop sessions
and publish publicly?

perhaps we can start a github repo and record the discussions and q&a using


It is probably “Google Hangout”.

F.N. : @serkandurusoy Being one of your hidden fans :slight_smile: , I would like you to know how much I appreciate your willingness to be such helpful. Thanks so much.


Hi @christbkk @serkandurusoy I have created slack team called meteor-mentor. Christian, I havent got your email email to send an invite. Also created a git hub repository called meteor-mentor and added you two as collaborators.

I would love to join this “class” :wink:

Thank you for the tip @mustapha and also thank you for your kind words.

@chathuraa I love your enthusiasm :smile:

@sakulstra it is fine by me, but let’s not forget that this whole thing started with @christbkk’s request. So I think it is only fair that he decides the size of the class and who will be in it.

Hi Guys,

awesome feedback here. Great community and I think I asked the right thing…

I would suggest we make a class of 5 to 1 Mentor? Does that sound fair? Then it is not getting messy but it is still helpful for more than 2 people? Also we will have all public available.