Meteor on ARM (UDOO, Raspberry, ...) current stable:

I updated our fork at to latest meteor stable release. Read more on Github project page and on blog at

We provide pre-built dev_bundles at release section of github

Check out latest release and instructions how to quickly install.


Update 2015-05-13 / Known working boards:

  1. UDOO Dual (Lubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu Core 14.04)
  2. UDOO Quad (Lubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu Core 14.04)
  3. Raspberry Pi 1 Model B (Raspbian wheezy, jessie)
  4. Raspberry Pi 2 (Raspbian wheezy, jessie, Ubuntu 14.04)
  5. ODROID C1 (Lubuntu 14.04)
  6. ODROID U3 (Lubuntu 14.04)
  7. Nitrogen6x ()
  8. BeagleBone Black (Ubuntu 14.04)
  9. PcDuino v3 (Ubuntu 14.04)

Just updated all references to latest stable release

Checkout available pre-build dev-bundles for UDOO (UDOObuntu 1.1 and UBUNTU trusty) and Raspberry Pi (RASPBIAN) available at meteor universal fork releases

@tomfreudenberg Any experiments with other kits like beagle bone black has been tried ? Thanks for maintaining a fork.

Hi @insidesmart, yeah I already used this fork on a number of boards like pcDuinoV3, Banana Pi, BeagleBone Black and Cubieboard.

In nearly any case I used an own prepared OS image based on UBUNTU 14.04 LTS CORE for arm.

If you use “older” OS like WHEEZY or PRECISE based linux, than take care to the GCC release and build your own NODEJS based from sources gefore generate-dev-bundle.

You get useful infos from Lessons learned post and Install meteor universal to your system post.

If you have questions or problems to get it running on your board please open an issue at github.

Cheers, Tom

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Thanks a lot for the pointers

Just updated all references to latest stable release

Justo wanted to give a big thanks for your fork. Work gave me the thumbs up and I’m gonna try out a build on a nitrogen6x board tomorrow.

Hi @mattkrick - thanks for your feedback, looking forward to your results on nitrogen6x board.

Tonight meteor also driving successfully new ODROID U3 and XU3 boards -

They are amazing fast for such a small device.

I will update the infos and downloads at and on weekend.

Can report success with the nitro board running lubuntu, just followed your tumblr & everything worked great. Reloads are a little slow, but I can’t complain!
Next step is seeing if it can handle the 6000 writes/second from an ECG :open_mouth:

Hi @mattkrick that’s great - thanks for feedback!

Do you mean “Reload of your app when starting meteor”?

I have good results for starting my apps when using the build process into a directory and starting as deployed app.

P.S.: Have you seen my post about a benchmark app? Maybe you like to add some thoughts: Looking for valid meteorjs app benchmarks on ARM devices

Yeah, both initial startup & hot code reloads are slow, but I suppose I shouldn’t compare a little card it to a macbook.
I don’t know enough about (meaningful) benchmarks to offer much value. One thought would be to slam it with data and see how long a card can go before re-polling the oplog (vs tailing). You might have to create your own flag for that though, I haven’t dug around the livequery part of the meteor code. If there’s anything you’d like me to test I’d be happy to do it.

Added list of known working boards to top of this post. Will keep update that.

Update list of knowing boards.

Added new 1st time installation and run-thru guide for RASPBIAN wheezy

Has anyone ever tried Meteor on a Radxa Rock?

Nice work. Does it run on console only Ubuntu Linux Server?

Hi, sorry for being late in reply.

I took a look at the Radxa site and from my perspective it should work if you use the ubuntu image.

You may follow the guide on my tumblr blog for details on installation

Cheers, Tom


what do you mean by

If asking for “Ubuntu” as distribution - answer is no, It should work on other distros as well

If asking for “Console” - answer is yes, meteor is always a console app.

Cheers, Tom

Awesome, I will do that. Thanks!