Meteor on Windows - which unit testing package do you use?


Which testing package do you use to write unit tests in meteor windows?
Currently there seem to be problem with Jasmine, so I need your advice on choosing some other package.


I never tried running Jasmine on Windows, but I would be curious to hear what problems you are facing.

Actually the problem is with the installation of the package itself. I posted the problem here: Trying to install sanjo:jasmine for Meteor Windows Preview

The author of the package replied saying that he has to remove some symlink from tests-proxy package.

May I ask you what package do you use in WIndows for testing your apps?


I recently tried to use the todos app and instructions from the guide on Windows which noted meteor test --driver-package practicalmeteor:mocha

Unfortunately it didn’t work, I have pasted the stack trace in this comment.

As per @kfern 's comment, I need to run as “administrator” in Windows to get practicalmeteor:mocha to work.