Meteor "pluggable" extension system


I’d love to ask seasoned meteor developers about a feature I’m planning for a current project of mine.
I’m developing a system where pluggable and also user-configureable extensions are needed. You can think about this like you’d think about payment gateways for a shop system or a statistics plugin that changes certain areas of the site.
The requirements are as follows:

  • installation via “meteor add” is acceptable
  • the package needs to alter already existing content-areas
  • the user needs to be able to dynamically access a configuration page for his/her installed plugins
  • plugins are installed system-wide
    I think it’s more of a question as to what design pattern would work best with Meteor and what mechanisms one could use to have flexible content areas based on plugins that may, or may not, be installed.
    I have already searched for the likes of “extensible meteor development” and “meteor pluggable extensions”, but so far to no avail.
    I appreciate any and all replies!


Take a look at telescope which is an open source hacker news style app and it is designed from ground up as mandatory and optional packages.The optional ones work almost exactly like the way you have described.