Meteor(React) : iphone X top white bar issue(Enable full screen)

Hi All,
We have developed meteor ios application but in iphoneX there is top white bar is appearing i.e it is not taking full screen resolution.

Read apples’s documents update-apps-for-iphone-x . And came to know that, project’s base SDK should be set to iOS 11. But how to do that? Any idea?


under Build Settings > Architectures > Base SDK: Latest IOS IOS 11.2

but this didn’t do anything, I switched to Launch Story Board which at least expanded the top and bottom space but still have the Notch as White Background, and filling in the html and body background color doesn’t help.

for a web app I get a black notch, nothing seems to let it go full screen something is still missing

It is helpful to first search the forum before posting…

@skirunman we are using storyboard instead splash screens now the top and bottom issue seems to resolve as we checked it in xcode but white screen is showing after the storyboard launch for some time and then app is showing. Rounded corner/top notch is still persist even after adding storyboard.

You need to set: