Meteor + Svelte

Sorry if it didn’t make sense, let me share one article which should explain it clearly on SSR and CSR but there are a few more comprehensive comparison I can’t remember which links.

Aerotwist is infamous for disliking any framework. But more important, all his findings would just as much apply to svelte. Because it’s not about frameworks, but it’s about how components are bootstrapped.

Really excited to play around with svelte over the holidays. Going to be fun to try something really different!


I thought this article interview with Rich Harris is interesting.

For migrating existing projects using Blaze, it would be really helpful to allow co-existence with Blaze by providing an alternative file ending.

And after reading almost everything on, the concept feels very natural for an experienced Blaze user as me, so I’d like to give it a try on some of the slow Blaze templates in an existing project.


I completely agree that this would be useful. The problem is that Meteor doesn’t allow file extensions to be registered by more than one build plugin, so if we would add .svelte to make it compatible with Blaze, we would have to remove .html from the list of supported extensions. On the one hand, people already using this plugin would have to rename their files. But on the other hand, the benefits might be worth the change.

I’m no expert of the Meteor build system, but maybe it would just help to divide the extension in two parts:

  • svelte:compiler, which contains the core components to use Svelte in a Meteor project with .svelte files,
  • svelte:html-components to provide the file binding to .html.

Furthermore, it’ll need something to integrate Svelte components into existing Blaze templates (and maybe vice versa). I don’t know, if there’s already some kind of API in Meteor to integrate the different technologies for templates and components (I didn’t find one on

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Honestly I don’t think there is any benefit to migrating existing Blaze apps to Svelte - I would be surprised if it was faster or better in a meaningful way.

Honestly, modern front-end frameworks are way more than fast enough (even more so when they are PWA-ready):

Source of vue-hacker-news.

@klaussner So…does svelte solve meteors long standing problem of incremental loading? Can we simply download a single 5kb index.html on initial load or do we still have to bear with a megabytes worth of let’s-dump-all-code-into-one-huge-file.js?

Btw, Funny how svelte templating syntax is similar to blaze:grin:

According to Svelte is faster than the other tested options (React, Vue, …). Blaze is not tested in, but AFAIK is less performant.

I personally find Svelte nearer to Blaze than Vue.

Furthermore, it provides the ability to incrementally load the templates/components, when needed. With Blaze, the templates for the whole application are loaded during startup.

Right that’s why I said “meaningful” way - I would be surprised if switching to Svelte was the best way to make your app faster, compared to some other possible improvement. I’m sure it does great on benchmarks, that’s the whole point.

BTW Blaze does just fine with loading templates incrementally, it’s just that Meteor’s build system doesn’t support loading any files incrementally at the moment.

Svelte is just a compiler that generates JavaScript files. How these files are bundled and delivered to the browser is entirely up to the build tool.

So…are there any benefits in swapping blaze for svelte if I use standard meteor build tool?

Probably very few unless you just like the idea of trying new things.

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++ UPDATE ++

Project organization

Thanks to @zimme, we now have a GitHub organization ( where the build plugin, additional packages, and examples are hosted. All Svelte packages are released under the svelte organization on Atmosphere (

Tracker integration

You can use the svelte:tracker package to easily pass reactive data from Minimongo, ReactiveVars, and other data sources to your Svelte components.

Using Svelte and Blaze

The svelte:compiler package compiles both .html and .svelte files. If you want to use Svelte and Blaze simultaneously, you can use svelte:compiler-no-html instead. In this case, all your components have to use the .svelte extension.


Is there an example app I can check out?

There you go @sashko, unless you already found them.


Hello and sorry for resurrection !

Svelte 3 is the new hot thing, it basically looks awesome. It looks like ViewModel so it is clean, super clean from any boilerplate.
Has anyone tried to integrate it in the Meteor stack? I see that this package has been updated 4 months ago, I see in package.json it is now compatible with svelte 3+

Can anyone tell me about their developer experience using Svelte on Meteor ?
Has anyone an open source repo that use this stack?

Hopefully so !


You should definitely check this. Also this thread.