Meteor update on OS X hangs

I am trying to do meteor update in one of my project folders, but after downloading the install alway hangs at the same spot (when looking at the node process)


and the command line just keeps spinning

 meteor update
   Downloading meteor-tool@1.4.0...          /                                     

has anybody else seen this and knows how to fix it?

So am I.
Because I am in China,I think it blocked by GFW :poop:

meteor update --release
Downloading meteor-tool@1.3.5_1…
Downloading meteor-tool@1.3.5_1…
Downloading meteor-tool@1.3.5_1…
Downloading meteor-tool@1.3.5_1…
Downloading meteor-tool@1.3.5_1… /

may be you should check your network and try again

I did the curl | sh thing, which removed $HOME/.meteor and installed 1.4 properly.

Unfortunately now I have the same issue with 1.3.5_1. A project I don’t want to update yet is trying to download its version of meteor and hangs at


Had to restore .meteor/packages/meteor-tool from TimeMachine backup because something is totally broken with meteor right now

Great, meteor 1.4.0-1 got released and now creates the same problem where every meteor related action hangs trying to download and install meteor-tool@1.4.0-1

This one doesn’t get past


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@jamgold and others - We’re investigating this issue right now, please bear with us.

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The workaround posted earlier was to change the sym link in ${HOME}/.meteor to the previous version

lrwxr-xr-x    1 jhm  staff    10 Jul 29 10:31 meteor -> meteor1351
lrwxr-xr-x    1 jhm  staff    52 Jul 29 10:07 meteor1351 -> packages/meteor-tool/1.3.5_1/mt-os.osx.x86_64/meteor
lrwxr-xr-x    1 jhm  staff    50 Jul 27 22:51 meteor140 -> packages/meteor-tool/1.4.0/mt-os.osx.x86_64/meteor

and the update finished

I had this on the first try today, going from 1.4 to on OS X. It hung for about two hours. Finally I killed the process, tried it again and it worked immediately. Everything running smoothly now, and I didn’t reconfigure or delete anything between those first and second tries.

Same here, stuck on first update, kill process, re-run and it finished update to

I’m seeing this currently. With a freshly-installed, running “meteor update” on a project with .meteor/release “none”, ramps up cpu, and seems to hang, ctrl-C and kill doesn’t work, requires a kill -9. dtruss shows lots of madvise, mmap, and munmap, then some gettimeofday, then reporting nothing (but still running). Killing and restarting the update still hangs. This is OS X 10.11.5.

Update, resolved mine: Looks like the meteor app I was trying to update used some local packages (in .meteor/packages, and a ./packages dir). After removing those, it seemed to update okay.

Same thing on Linux Ubuntu 16.04

Same here. I’m trying to run a Legacy version of Telescope, which uses Meteor 1.2.1. Trying to build on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 but it hangs on Downloading meteor-tool@1.1.10...