Meteor v2.15 is out!

Meteor v2.15-rc.1 is out!

In this version, Meteor.js now includes MongoDB v7.0.5

Its PR is this one.

It’ll also include these PRs:

GCDWebServer missing in cordova-plugin-meteor-webapp
Underscore 1.6
Fix missing/incorrect types in meteor and service-configuration
Added missing type for createUserVerifyingEmail
Fix cordova launch screen warnings on 2.14

You can test it by:

meteor update --release 2.15-rc.1
# or 
meteor create appname --release  2.15-rc.1

This version was initiated as 2.14.1, but we move it to 2.15.


We just released version 2.15!!

You can test it by:

meteor update --release 2.15
# or 
meteor create appname --release  2.15

We’re going to keep testing it, and in a few days, we’re going to recommend it.