Meteor website is awful

If there’s anything that is slowing Meteor adoption, it’s the new website.

I used to visit the website all the time to find resources and look at various things. Now it’s far too cluttered and ugly to even bother with.


I can see where you’re coming from. This particular section seems pretty useless and wouldn’t make sense to people not familiar with Meteor.

Then again MDG has the analytics data, we don’t. They must have A/B tested their landing page.

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Can you give a few examples of what you find cluttered and ugly? What information are you looking for that you can’t find? Any examples you can provide will likely help. MDG pays close attention to constructive criticism through these forums.


Agree 100%!! I think the best way to assist MDG is to provide actionable insights, like any startup they are spinning a lot of plates and need the community to support them in every area.


We’re working on improving the website!


Cool stuff, mo’ Meteor devs mo’ Meteor sites!

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Cheers @hwillson, this type of feedback is exactly what we need. The more specific the use cases and examples the faster we can act to resolve issues.

As @sashko mentioned, we’re currently working to streamline the website. The areas of focus are developer content, showcasing apps, and better presenting the benefits of Meteor.


So, since we’re in this space - what’s happened to the 7 meteor principles? They seem to have disappeared from the site.


They got condensed here:

I think having too many principles made it hard to be flexible in the changing landscape of JS development. For example, “database everywhere” is not as revelant with something like Apollo. And “simplicity equals productivity” wasn’t actually being embodied by the framework IMO because it turned out that productivity was often enabled by lots of complexity under the hood.


7 principles down to 4 - not bad, but I think we can get it down to 1:

  • Meteor makes developers happy, which makes customers, clients and the general public happy, which makes the Internet happy (excluding Reddit).

I’m thinking more along the lines of the cluttered array of navigation and dropdowns. There’s so many ins and outs to the website, it overwhelms me.

I just want something simple. I want to be able to find what I’m looking for in seconds.

float: left navigation should look like this: Logo Features Documentation Pricing

float: right navigation should look like this: Forums Blog About Sign-in

And screw the bootstrap. Bootstrap is noobish.

No dropdowns. Dropdowns kill retention.
No clutter. Clutter overwhelms possible users.
No long worded links. People think word by word.

Also, the new color is depressing. I’m sure the Percolate crew is fixing up a new and awesome website though. They got Atmosphere spot on.

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The biggest problem I have is going from the forums to the main site, we have to type in the url address again.


This part: is REALLY confusing, I mean, where should I go? tutorial? docs?? guide???


Sure, they got that part right. But that’s the only part they got right.

You know you’re approaching complexity when you have two header nav bars, and every link on the second one is a dropdown.

Make. It. Simple.

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If will become as slow as Atmosphere, it will be the end of adoption for the platform. :stuck_out_tongue:

From a design standpoint, not an architecture/application standpoint.

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