Meteor Windows Preview 0.2.0 with new installer


@powderkeg, our intention with the official port is to avoid the situation you ran into where the experience on windows is outdated and potentially unstable. We might not get everything right with the first release, but our goal is to make the experience just as good as on Mac or Linux.


Just for the record (in case some people are confused) let me copy here my comment to the Issue #43 -

I was just going to ask someone at MDG to update the because many articles direct to that address for windows version of Meteor.
I think that page should be updated as soon as possible, because on one hand the MDG is asking people to try and help test the preview version for Windows and on the other hand the people who would like to try Meteor end up being misguided to the very old release.

Cheers! :smile:


That’s a great point. We will try to update that site as soon as possible.


^ worthy of a post on its own!


New windows version versioning is same as main Meteor versioning.