MeteorJS DevLog by WeGrouped - #1

I recorded an engineering DevLog about my Meteor + React website - WeGrouped.

Here are the topics I cover:

  • Blaze -> React
  • List item
  • Meteor 1.3
  • GraphQL
  • LetsEncrypt
  • FlexBoxGrid
  • MaterialUI
  • formsy-material-ui
  • Kadira
  • meteor-webpack-react
  • Galaxy Developer Edition

Check it out


Mergebox! lol

Dude you are a natural, I’m already hooked! You are to @joshowens what Jimmy Fallon is to Larry King!

Seriously though, keep it up! Make it a daily show of few-mins-long episodes maybe, and perhaps a longer one every weekend.

Finally, Meteor news is fun!

CSS!Styles!Styles!No!CSS haha :smile:

Mergebox! struggles

Really glad you enjoyed it! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me
to cover. Will keep them short and sweet.

serkandurusoy 於 2015年12月12日 週六 10:13 寫道:


Keep it up! @energistic!

It would be nice if you include semantic UI in React in your next episode. And probably, data aggregation when and when not to use it.


Well you know what, I am dead serious, if you can bring yourself to making this a daily thing, even if just a few minutes long, it would just be swell!

Anything goes really, you could cover some high-traction forum threads, new packages etc. Don’t sweat yourself to give technical insights, thats abundant, what we (I) need is fun and news and it seems you’ve got the knack for that :smile:

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Thanks @serkandurusoy @ajaxsoap for the suggestions!

I’m thinking of an every 1-2 day release schedule, keeping them short and sweet - this next episode is only a few minutes long - bite-sized.


Cool, thanks for that shoutout and kudos for the recognition of the clinical track. There’s so many things going at once nowadays, I feared @awatson’s impressive work would go unnoticed. Seriously, it is like the first linux distro, huge news!

Keep it up @energistic this bite sized thing can pick up quite easily, oh and why don’t you get a ***** site to promote this?