Meteor's TodoMVC is Sluggish


I was just trying out Meteor’s TodoMVC and there is a noticable delay when adding a task. You can find it here:

If the delay isn’t noticeable compare it to angular, react or any default meteor todo app and you’ll see what I mean:

Maybe I’m over reacting but do you think it might be worth contacting them?

@Urbanmango it’s probably because the Meteor TodoMVC app is hosted on Meteor’s own server as opposed to the others on, itself. I can image the meteor severs being a bit slower, considering all the apps that are being hosted there for free.

That shouldn’t affect the speed though because the change is happening on the client and then the server. Here’s the todo app from the official tutorial running on Meteor’s servers withoiut any delay:
username: testuser
password: testuser

@Urbanmango that’s because the meteor app actually writes the data to the database whereas the exampes from are all client-side only.

Just open up another browser (or on your phone) and watch your data change in realtime across browsers.

@Urbanmango I think you might be right. Checking out the code on github, it looks a bit out dated, last commit was Jul 14, 2013. Further inspection reveals that it uses Meteor V0.6.4 yayks! If you check the code that handles the add event, it does things in a “non-meteor-example” kind of way. (Lines 95 to 102). May be that could be the case, no.