Mobservable and Meteor 1.2.1 is possible?

Seens mobservable need ‘decorators’ and this is not supported on current ecmascript package.

anyone? @mweststrate @faceyspacey ?

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You can enable decorators with the instructions provided here:

It does not specifically require them, although I guess you can use any one of the polyfills. You can also use oldschool JS syntax as well as others

But the better question would perhaps be, is mobservable really worth the decoupling from Meteor (if that’s your thing, by all means go for it) whereas we already have minimongo and Tracker which do the same thing with much more familiar and isomorphic API’s.

And as long as @mitar’s server-side work ends up in the core I’d say it beats mobservable front and back.

But of course, as always I’d like to ping one more maestro (in addition to those you’ve already did ping) @SkinnyGeek1010 to enlighten us :wink:


@Sanjo I test that before without look. window.babelHelpers not work here neither pbastowski/angular-meteor-babel

@serkandurusoy after post this I released that decorators is not needed, but desirable.

I´m migrating a project from Blaze to React and I thought re-architecture it. First look was redux but redux is not reactive, need some boilerplate for wire to Meteor and overlap Meteor functionality.
Then read about mobservable, is a reactive library based on Tracker, … Is not bind to Meteor that is good(sometimes I feel frustrated with MDG times and think left it) and bad.

I don´t see too much love here between React / Tracker. The community is using ReactTracker and is happy??. I read all forum post about, many times, looking for ‘the feeling’ and only catch ‘confusion’.

@serkandurusoy I wish I could comment but I’ve only briefly read the readme. Redux fits my business needs for now so i’ve kind of stopped trying out new data layers. It looks interesting though!

(insert popcorn emoji here :laughing:)

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as @serkandurusoy indicated Mobservable doesn’t rely on decorators, they are just conveniences for ES6 / Typescript users. The functions observable and extendObservable should suffice to make anything observable.