Mondb schema modeling tools?

I’m curious to know what tools (if any) you use to design the schema for MongoDB. I’m a visual person, so starting with a diagram showing the collections, relationships, and elements is very helpful for me to think through my design. Basically the NOSQL version of an ERD diagram.

Visio? Sparx EA? Something else? What are you using?

This is pretty handy:


I hadn’t heard of that one before. I’ll check it out - thanks!

Thanks for this, but I want to with free…???

You can download version 1 which is open source and free.

Version 2 can also be freely downloaded, but you need to pay for extended use. Like sublime text, you can use it, it does not expire or limit use, but still, you should purhase a license. But I think it is worth every penny.

Looks pretty good…but if I buy a license for something, why not sparx EA?


a) it is way too expensive
b) it is windows only
c) it is not extensible


I use Simple Schema / Astronomy to write down the schemas (as text). They usually change over time, mostly new fields get added. If you want diagrams, you can use UML class diagrams. That works for any kind of models independent from your database type.

In the good (!) old days with java I used to keep the uml class diagram and the actual source in sync since the tooling allowed me to edit the diagram or the source and the other would reflect the change.

Being able to see your domain model or your database schema visually helps a lot to pinpoint design flaws or improvement opportunities.

I like staruml because it can export your model (via a plugin) as plain javascript objects which kind of helps out especially in the beginning of the project. From there on, I can add my schema information (simpleschema/astronomy).

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Visual designer for MongoDB and Mongoose: Moon Modeler. Free version available.

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