Mongoclient - MongoDB Management Tool

Hello fellows,

I want to introduce you to Mongoclient, new mongoDB management tool which has taken place in the MongoDB Admin UIs page.

It’s totally written in MeteorJS 1.2.1 and has support to MongoDB 3.2+.

General features:

  • Fully responsive design, supports all platforms.
  • Directly file upload or download from an easy UI.
  • Directly database dump/restore from an easy UI.
  • Autocompletion of columns on queries.
  • Visualized mongodb server status with a nice dashboard and charts. (Server Monitoring)
  • Supports MongoDB 3.2+ and older versions.
  • Configurable timeout, default result view and more features.
  • Completely free and open-source and it will be! Licensed under MIT .

Planned features:

  • User management
  • SQL queries (not soon unfortunately)
  • Advanced Shard-Replica support
  • Advanced aggregation support
  • Nested autocompletion
  • Multiple instances for connected server.
  • Meteor 1.3.1 and incoming versions migration
    and more…

To follow and support Mongoclient simply you can give a Star on github page. Additionally you can follow @mongoclient from twitter.

Furthermore, I’m looking for new collaborators at all planned features. If you want to join me you can drop a line under this topic and we can discuss more.

Best & Warm Regards,
Sercan Özdemir


Looks nice!

I hate to be picky, but you use the Inspinia theme and put that completely on Github. I doubt the author will allow that, since it’s a commercial theme sold on Wrapbootstrap. Also adding an MIT license might conflict with that.

That extended license is now priced at $1000.

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I will look into it, as far as I know, I bought single application licence already and using it partially in the project not making it public. But as I said, I will look into it :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice !

After having a look into it:
Single Licence Terms:

  1. Your use of the item is restricted to a single installation.
  • You may use the item in work which you are creating for your own purposes or for your client.
  • You must not incorporate the item in a work which is created for redistribution or resale by you or your client.
  • The item may not be redistributed or resold.
  • If the item contains licensed components, those components must only be used within the item and you must not extract and use them on a stand-alone basis.
  • If the item was created using materials which are the subject of a GNU General Public License (GPL), your use of the item is subject to the terms of the GPL in place of the foregoing conditions (to the extent the GPL applies).

I apply all of these already, I’m using it on a single application, I’m not using it to resale or not redistributing theme itself, it doesn’t have any licensed component to extract already, and it has a lot of component which has GPL license already.

Regarding mentioned comment, I’ve no idea why they told like that since they are already using a lot of GPL license, Furthermore as I mentioned, I’m not making the theme public.

I disagree:

If I install it, there are two installations already.

I’m not your client and yet I can download it and use the theme. I can even extract it from the repository for my own projects.

You are distributing it: through Github

Again: you are through Github

So… You don’t apply to all those rules at all…

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Maybe you are right, I’ve compiled less files into css and uglified it to prevent further inconvenince, I need to clarify this with the author of theme and I’m on it. At last maybe I can buy an extended license with a discounted price.

And I guess currently only issue is this uglified css file.

btw. I’m glad I’ve wrote here and you’ve discovered it, because I was thinking it other way for the theme all the time. Now I have an early chance to find a way to fix this :slight_smile: Thanks again !

usually if you’re reselling like a saas you’ll need the commercial license of some kind (typically $1000+ depending on the theme)

What do you mean by selling ? Since this is a non-profit project and I’m using the theme partially (uglified and minified to a single css), is it still a problem ?

And I’ve mailed to the author, and he hasn’t responded about single css thing yet.

Well, the screenshot I posted clearly states that even for open source projects (that people can download) you would need the extended license. Even if you’re not making any money at all from it.

The reasoning is simple: how can the creator of the theme make any money from it if you put it just for download on Github?

Yeah, you are right, in my opinion giving a thousand dollar wont make it private but I totally agree with you now. I’m trying to find a way to make it stay as it is. Otherwise I will have to change theme with a similar one which I’ve bought with a cheaper price :confused:

It looks like very nice. Do you have a meteor package?

Thanks, not yet I’m open for suggestions at this point :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I ruined your day in a way, because this is about you releasing a great tool for MongoDB and not about licensing. I just didn’t want you to end up with a huge bill. :innocent:

What you could do btw, is to have some kind of middleman theme. I mean a theme that translates and uses either an open source theme or Inspinia. You then take out Inspinia from the repository (don’t forget it’s still existing in older commits!) and then mention in the readme that people could use Inspinia.

No, mate it’s not about you. Actually thank you for showing me the correct way :confused:

Well, then I need to find a “middleman theme” which makes me really confused. I’m waiting a discount from author of theme, I’ve just sent a mail to him, I hope he can do it :confused:

Just a thought if you have some time… it would not be so hard to make your own theme and you would be free to share it.

“The generated files are public domain which means that they can be used in any project without any restrictions.”

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Thank you for the advice, it’s a nice idea I will consider this as well.
Since I’m in love with INSPINA, if it would be possible to use it I will insist sticking with it.

Thanks !

I will change and implement as soon as possible, which looks great and very similar to my current theme, and completely free as mongoclient. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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That’s actually a great looking theme! Well found :slight_smile:

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Your tool looks very interesting! But I am new to Mongodb and I dont find any instructions about where to find the different data for setting up the connections in the wiki. Could you explain that part a little more in detail?

I couldn’t understand what do you mean by

If you mean creating multiple connections, you can simply add same host-name or different one by creating a new connection from the connect modal window.

You have to enter Hostname, port, Database name, user and password. The port is set to 27017 and mayby that will work for me. But I made my project with >meteor create [projectname]. I have not named the database or created a user. So I don’t know what to fill in these fields.