Mongol - The insanely handy development package for Meteor

I just wanted to give you guys an update on Mongol - the package recently surpassed 500 downloads, gained automatic configuration, and seems to work for most use cases (it now even has support for SimpleSchema).

If you haven’t heard of it yet - it basically lets visualizes all the documents in your mini-mongo and lets you make changes that persist in the database.

If you haven’t tried it yet - just run “meteor add msavin:mongol”, then press control + m in the browser to activate it. The package has virtually no intrusion to your application code, and because its debugOnly, it won’t compile to production code.

More information:


Once the package hits 1000 downloads, I’ll announce something new :slight_smile:

PS: Great meeting everyone at the Meteor HQ meet up, always fun to go digital to real-life!


Super handy and awesome… thanks so much for creating this package. :+1:

@msavin your package is really amazing. Congratulations, you did a really great work.

Thank you comrades :blush:

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+1 Just added this to my current project - very nice - keeps me out of the console - thanks!


great work, Max. Can’t wait to get this inside my new project to be created soon.

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Thanks for your awesome work @msavin

msavin:mongol                       upgraded from 0.1.1 to 0.5.3


Nice one, Max.

This package is going to single-handedly save me the dramas of setting up RockMongo (written in php*) when I get a new mac or need to help someone else set up their mac with some good tooling for Meteor. (Yes, I know there’s RoboMongo, but I prefer RockMongo’s interface – it’s more like Mongol’s :smile: .)

* it’s an absolute dog trying to get mongo working with php on a Mac – anyone ever tried that? A massive rabbit-warren of not-installed-by-default libraries are required. Ugh … it’s making me shudder just thinking about it …

Thanks @babrahams - it’s great to see your enthusiasm towards the project! Let’s bury the dark days of PHP and bring the type of specialness only Meteor can deliver.

This is awesome. So much easier than typing out Collection.findOne(“copy-pasted id string”) into the console. Thank you so much for creating this.

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Hey guys, is there some way to enable mongol on my testing live site on , or do I have to manage my db in the console?

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If you deploy with meteor deploy mylivetestsitename --debug, mongol should be available in the test site.

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Mongol is great, but I have the same need as @chos89. @babrahams meteor deploy mylivetestsitename --debug will only work if deploying to meteor, but do you know of a way to do it on local? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I saw in the demo that you can view subscriptions as well in Mongol. Do we have to set some special session variable to enable that functionality?

Nope its automatic. Sounds like you may have an old version of it (try running meteor update)

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This is honestly great. Thanks for the awesome tool.


Comrades, the preview for JetSetter is here. It’s basically Mongol for Session variables. I’m working on the announcement, would be great to get some feedback/testing on it before announcing it

It works on its own; just run:
meteor add msavin:jetsetter

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@msavin, does it work with a remote mongo url on localhost? I’m not able to see anything besides Accounts collection, could that be the cause?

This is such a handy tool! As a designer, really like how it looks to, great job!

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Good question. I don’t know how to run a bundled app with --debug.